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Unity of Nigeria not negotiable –Wole Soyinka


Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka on Friday said the unity of Nigeria as a country is negotiable and called on those clamoring for the breakup of the country to desist.

The noble laureate insisted that the country should not breakup, rather proper negotiation should be put in place to restructure the country

Prof Soyinka said sometimes negotiation could also mean the restructuring of the state entire country for the betterment of all ethnic groups.

The noble laureate stated this in Kaiama, Bayelsa state during a session with students of the newly commission Ijaw National Academy.

in an  event tagged, ‘A Day with Prof Wole Soyinka and other literary’ such as Prof John Pepe Clark, Dr. Gabriel Okara and Prof Alagoa as well as Governor Seriake Dickson and his wife, Rachel Dickson in attendance.

Prof. Soyinka said  most nations in the world came into been through proper negotiations to avoid marginalization and oppression to other ethnic groups.

He also said negotiation could also means stopping the over bloated centers

“What we need is what to do to unite Nigeria as a nation and not calling for a break up of the unity of the nation”, he said.

Speaking on the break up, Governor Seriake Dickson also supported that the unity of the country should be negotiated.

Dickson also said the unity of the country should be negotiated, because the people of Niger Delta region over the past 60 years had been funding the country through its abundant oil discovery.

Hear Dickson, ‘what Nigeria called oil blocks today are our ancestral wealth discovered at our backyards’

Dickson also advised the people of Ijaw nation to use education as a tool to fight oppression and injustice

According to the governor, there so many things to be negotiated in the country as the state only has eight local government while other state have up to 46 local government areas

He insisted that the people of Niger Delta have no absolute control over what is produce at their backyards for the past 60 years as the continue existence of Nigeria is desirable

There is no crime that we should negotiate the future of our country, Dickson said

On his visions and plans for the Ijaw National Academy, Dickson said the school is basically to mould the future  minds and leaders in the region and the country at large.

The school, he said would also encourage educational empowerment and mould the young Ijaw youths mentally and economically.

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