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My life as a plus size model – South African Queen

My life as a plus size model – South African Queen

Curvy, and plus-size, 34- year-old-Maneo Magoleng represents the fast evolving trend in the global modeling industry – women of all shapes, sizes, races and ethnicities are welcome as long as they have the poise and self confidence required to excel in the job.

“Back in the days, chubby, plus size women were not being recognized and treated well by the society. Most plus size ladies were called names, like fatty without good health. But now things has changed,” Magoleng told PMNEWS of the challenges that women of her size had encountered when seeking to be part of the glamorous world of modeling.

Born into a family of seven and raised in a village called Maneo in the North West province, Magoleng left for the city when she realized that there were no opportunities for her to achieve her dreams because of the environment and the place she was raised: “I told myself that one day I will reach out for my dreams.”

But even at the city, breaking into the modeling industry was not easy for her. Maneo said at a time in 2012, when things were very hard, she thought of quitting everything and go back to the village.

“But there was a voice inside telling me not to give up and be strong. I was trained and introduced to the modeling world, Plus Size Modeling with full figures magazine agency.”

Today, she is one of the most recognized models in South Africa. She does photo shoots, lingerie, design clothes work with different fashion designers.She has also competed for Miss Plus Size Rustenburg.
Maneo is working hard on her own clothing brand. “Am not only a model, I’m into acting too, my pictures are not just for fun, they tell story. There is a story behind every picture of mine”.

Apart from modeling, Maneo also is also a poet and a writer.Indeed, she has recorded two poems (musical) with Africa beats and rhythm.She believes Africans should stand together, protect and love one another.Modeling, she said, has taught her self-confidence, love and given her the ability to appreciate herself. She is now a proud plus size model.

She now motivates and encourages other chubby women to love and appreciate themselves the way they are.
And her words of encouragement to the youth and everyone who got big dreams? “Do not give up rather, keep pushing harder.

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