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Leaders should strive to maintain peace, douse tensions -Sultan Abubakar


Religious and political Leaders in the country have been called upon  by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar,  to address issues and make attempts to douse tensions in the country.

The Sultan said this while speaking at the Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria (DCCN) 2017 General Assembly National Symposium on Leadership ‎ and launching of 2025 Vision Presentation held in Bauchi State,  with the  theme: ‘Leadership, Optional Planning and Control in Islamic World in Nigeria’

According to him, it is important for leaders to douse tension whenever they meet at a platform to discuss what affects their people instead of whipping up religious, regional or ethnic sentiments.

Sultan Abubakar said that Islam must be propagated in the best manner and way possible which will make its message more acceptable, stating that it is better to be understood than to be tolerated because Islam means everything good, like peace, tolerance.”If we understand one another, we will be better off as one people”

He recommended that invitation should be extended to non-Muslim leaders at the subsequent meetings of the DCCN in order for them to hear what the Muslims are discussing and telling them what Islam is instead of letting others telling them about Islam.

The chairman of DCCN, Mallam Lawal Maidoki,‎ in his welcome address condemned the precarious situation Nigerian Muslims found themselves as a result of sustained attacks and propaganda against them.

Lawal Maidoki said Muslims in Nigeria have been placed on the defensive despite being at the receiving end, adding that attacks against Muslims and Islam have been intensified especially in the media.

According to him, a clear case in point was the recent targetted killing of Fulanis in the Mambila Plateau by a known group with an alleged backing of powerful individuals in power in Taraba State and elsewhere.

The Chairman expressed grief over the government look-away while the massacre was being carried out against the Fulanis which lasted several days and hundreds of people including women and children were killed and a large number displaced while thousands of Cattles and other livestock were either killed or rustled by the attackers.

Speaking also in address, the chairman of the occasion and former governor of Kano State, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, said  the establishment of DCCN was a right step in the right direction.

He stated that Da’awah as the most important component and way of propagating Islam, is a process with guidelines and ‎principles which provides direction to its activities.

Shekarau said DCCN would help in streamlining the activities of various Islamic organisations in their activities.

Mallam Shekarau said the issue of Da’awah needed to be encouraged, coordinated and supported to help in propagating Islam in the country.

The former governor challenged Islamic leaders to live up to their responsibilities‎ and provide a focused and exemplary leadership to the Muslim Ummah and guide them to the true teachings of Islam.

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