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The hope of Nigeria is in the hand of God -Apostle Peters

APOSTLE (DR.) UCHENNA PETERS (a.k.a. S.S.S-Seeing, Saying, and Solution), is the Captain Commander/ Founder/General Overseer of Gracious and Mercy Prophetic Ministry, Egbeda Lagos. He spoke to EMMANUEL CLEMENT on his Ministry and other issues. Excerpts:

How did you meet Christ and what prompted your salvation?

I met Christ on the 13th of June 1993 during Abiola crises. Abiola died on the 12th of June. It was the next day I was on my way with some friends going to seek for powers. Along the line, we had an accident that warranted the death of everybody in the car including the driver. The accident happened where Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church headquarters is located now. I found myself in a thick bush, a very lonely place. I have to run from there to Berger bus stop where I fainted. People helped by pouring water on me. When I woke up, I had the voice of the Lord saying to me ‘I saved you for a purpose that you will serve me’. From that day, I never disappointed God.

Was there any life or character you struggle to let go now that you are in Christ?

Yes, I used to be a very stubborn person; I didn’t believe much about God. I just believed I can do things by myself without God, but then I have the fear of God because I grew up in a Christian home. My mother is a Christian, my daddy, I never knew him because he died when I was few months old. So, my mummy brought me up in a Godly way, and I don’t drink even when I don’t believe in God that much. So, talking about stubbornness, I have to fight it out of me.

How long have you been working with God, or how long have you been in the ministry?

At the moment I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1993, I became a worker in my church C.P.M (Christian Pentecostal Mission) in 1995. So, from there, I become what we call in C.P.M, Unit Leader.  From that Unit Leader, I entered the Bible College called P.I.B.S in C.P.M, meaning Pentecostals International Bible Seminary. After my studies, I was ordained a pastor in 1998. But before I was ordained, I have been working as a missionary, preaching from bus to bus. So, I started preaching the gospel in 1995.

Since you have been in ministry, has there been a time you feel like backsliding from the faith?

There has not been anytime. I encountered challenges, persecutions, problems all round but there has not been any time or day I felt I should backslide, I never divorce;  me and my wife have been together bringing up our children together. Even when we are facing some challenges, I never for one day felt like backsliding or leaving God.

Talking about your ministry, how long has it been  existing?

Gracious and Mercy Ministry started on May 1, 2013 in Alimosho Town Hall, and the hall contained members.  So, as God will have it, we came down here on the 1st of May 2014. So, Gracious/Mercy Ministry has been in existence for four years now.

What is the focus of the ministry?

The focus of my ministry is to prepare saints for the  kingdom of God; to raise great army that will face the problem of life and conquer it; and to raise ministers for the gospel that will dominate all over the world. We have a vision of having church in every city. So, my vision and focus is to raise ministers for God.

How did you receive the call of god into the ministry?

I was actually working when God called me; there was a message from Pastor which I doubted along the line, I started developing personal problems in my senses until I decided to surrender to God. Then in 1999, I was in Mushin when the Lord spoke to me, ‘I have raised you 5,000 souls, have committed thousands of souls for you to shepherd’ and that was in August 1999. Then I don’t even know what is called shepherd, I ignored it. The next day, I had a dream, I saw myself sitting on a very big chair at the middle of the earth up, then I saw more than 1,000 people putting on white; then I was sitting on a mighty chair also putting on white, but my chair was at the middle of the air and no pillar was holding it. Then God said to me, these are the people I have asked you to shepherd for me; tell them the truth. Then I woke up. So, I don’t even believe I will become a pastor because I came from a poor home. I was driving to become a rich man who I became but in the process of enjoying the wealth, God’s call surfaced.  So, I have to leave everything, because the kind of work I do then, I have so many shops and boys servicing me; I even enjoyed G.N.L.D in 1998. I made close N12 million with G.N.L.D. So, I don’t even believe I will become a full pastor talk more of having my own church.  Everything God said and showed me has come to fulfillment. So, I give Him all the glory.

How did you come about the name of the ministry?

The name came by revelation. the name at first was Grace & Mercy. Many of our documents are having the name Grace and Mercy but when we went for registration at Abuja, we were told that someone else have registered that particular name. We came back and I prayed again.  God now gave me Gracious & Mercy, saying is the same thing but Gracious is higher than Grace and it means over flowing Grace. So, that was how the name came about.

What is the source of your inspiration?

The source of my inspiration is the Holy Spirit. Just as I told you, I became born again and I joined so many classes in the church, I joined a class called Foundational class. There, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For the first time, I speak in tongue. Then I know what is called the Holy Spirit. So, I joined so many classes from one class to another and it took me years to accomplish those things.

So, the source of my inspiration is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person, is not just like other Spirit, it communicates to us; he is the comforter God gave to his children when he left them. So, every born again Christians, Spirit feed is supposed to have the Holy Spirit. Every genuine Christians, Pastors must draw inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

I don’t take anything at all before climbing the altar and any Pastor who drinks alcohol before climbing the altar is not a Christian. You know some of them are just native doctors in disguise. So, they can do anything. As for me, am a Pastor with a difference by God’s Grace.

Apart from the work of God, what else did you do?

As I said before, I left everything I had for Christ. I don’t work, I don’t have a company, the only work I have is to serve God alone, even my wife doesn’t work, she is Grace by name, very noble woman, humble and she believes in my ministry, she is also a Pastor so the only work we focus on is the work of God nothing more.

What if the work of god fails you what will you do?

The work of God cannot fail me, if actually He is the one who called, He cannot fail me. The work of God is the highest work and a difficult one. So, all I know is God does not fail His servants.

Who is your role model in Christendom?

I got born again under the CPM, Christian Pentecostal Mission, and that is the last church I fellowship with before I started my own church. I had never changed a father, he remains my role model, my spiritual father but outside him, there are some people I listen to, people like T.D. Jakes, Bennyhill, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, I listen to his words his wonderfull inspiration;  they are my role models. But my spiritual father, the man that I drew from the river on the bank of the words of God, the one that made me what I am today is Rev. Dr. Obinna Ezekiel.

What has life taught you over the years?

Ministry is full of challenges but because is not by my power, we keep on serving, it is not easy, but with God its becomes easy, I cannot tell you this is our sponsor, our sponsor is God, everything we do today is by God’s Grace, we keep on looking onto him, if we can see people God will use in his house, we pray for them, but for now we have not gotten ours except God.

How often do you organize programmes?

I do organize programmes often though as the spirit leads. Every end of the month we do have a three day’s programme continually. But there is an annual event coming up by August 2017 and the theme is LAST NIGHT IN EGYPT. It comes once in a year and this will make the fourth one and it will be coming out with a packaged book titled: Last Night in Egypt. Before then, there is a programme coming up, it’s a four-days Signs and Wonders, themed ‘Oh Lord, Answer Me’, coming up on Friday, 28th July to 1st of August 2017.

Where do you see your ministry in the next five years?

He that started the good work will finish it, just as I said initially, the vision God gave to me is the ministry to be everywhere in the world.  Already, the ministry has a branch in Enugu. We are trusting God to be globally in the next five years

What is your advice to upcoming ministers of God?

My advice to them is that they should learn because when you don’t know the beginning of a thing and you try to venture into it, it will lead you into several mistakes; many of them make mistakes. My advice to them is to wait for God’s time because it is the best

Do you have any regret working for God?

There is no regret, I am happy working for Him irrespective of the challenges and difficulties. There was a time I didn’t have a home, we stayed in the camp for three months, serving God is not a bird of roses, because when you are serving Him, you are like a prisoner; you are limited to so many things in life. You must be very careful of what you do as a Pastor because people are looking up to you.

You seem to be very busy; how did you relax?

I find time to rest; I work all the time but I manage my time.

If you were not doing the work of God, what would you have been doing?

I have a business scheme; I produce olive oil, healing water, soap etc. So, if am not a Pastor today, I wouldn’t have been an idle man.

Could you throw more light on your just-concluded Programme, KOBOKO NIGHT?

It’s a form of deliverance period; coming to church with cane to flog your enemies as prayers are conducted. As prayers are going on, people are getting free and delivered. Testimonies are always recorded after the experience. We do it once a year.

How will you access the performance of Buhari administration?

Actually his illness affected his performance; so, I believe strongly that if he was to be healthy and strong he would have done his best but God knows the best. I will not say  he is not working, and every Nigeria should understand that right from day one, he has been ill.

Should Nigerians still have hope in this administration?

The hope of Nigeria is in the hand of God, not in the hand of anybody just as God freed the people of Israel from the hand of Egyptian, so shall he free Nigeria. For now, every Nigeria should put  his/her hope in God.

Is the worst of Buhari better than the best of Goodluck?

I will say all of us have different mindset, the Buhari attention of coming into power for the fourth time, that is if am correct, is different from what Goodluck has in mind for the first time. So, Nigerians are feeling the heat of our President being on the seat for the fourth time, they also enjoy and also feel the light of Goodluck being the President for the first time. Nigerian’s are learned;  they should know what is good for them.

If you happen to see Mr. President, what will you tell him?

I will tell him to have mercy on Nigerians because the poor ones are suffering; and things are getting more expensive. He should just give an order and everything will be in order or change for our good.

For a better society.


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