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Enabled Life organization calls for tax rebate for disabled


Convener of The Enabled Life Organization, Mrs. Chinwe Promise Anyaehie Iroumanya, has called for a tax rebate for people living with disability in order to encourage them to achieve more in life.

Mrs. Iroumanya said there was need for individuals and corporate bodies to support people living with disability in Nigeria.

The Enabled Life is a non-profit organization aimed at giving new face to people with disabilities and committed to enriching and developing lives of persons with disabilities.

Speaking at the launching/fund raising of the organization, Mrs. Iroumanya said the purpose of the programme was to introduce to Nigerians the new phase of people living with disability and to let them know that they are human and are here to stay “and be productive members of the community.

Tagged, ‘Spreading the Message of Hope’, she said: “The government should encourage them (people living with disabilities) to do more.  For instance, government should give them  tax rebate so as to enable them to do more. But then, we can’t fold our hands as individuals and expect government to change everything; it is not going to happen.

“My aim is to introduce the new phase of people living with disability to Nigerians. My message of hope is that you can do all things through Christ, and whatever they believe, they can achieve it. Most of the times, we are the people stopping ourselves from accomplishing our dreams.

“I am very impressed with what I have seen today. We are working with some established organizations that are doing good work; we partner with them. I don’t really want to do disability advocacy the way it is done in Nigeria. I am changing the whole word, that’s impossible, am taking a few cases that I can take, monitoring them, we do it. My attitude is together we do it; we have to empower ourselves so that we can empower others”.

She noted that the best thing that happened to her was disability, adding that she is a blessed woman, the richest woman on earth.

“It’s not about money but I have wonderful people in my life. It is time to bring people out of their locked doors and let them live their lives to the fullest”, she said.

Giving the story of her life, she maintained that there was every need for people to praise God on her behalf, saying that disability was the best thing that happened to her.

She said: “Why can’t you praise God when you look at me, if I said nothing and you just watched me, the grace of God is upon my life. I have so many titles but the one I love best is Woman of God. When I stand, the enemy runs; he can’t touch me, beauty I present it, grace is my name, favour, I eat with it. I am Barrister Mrs. Chinwe Promise Iroumanya. I am a woman on a mission, I did not find my purpose, I was born with it. I am a mother of four sons. In nine days, I will turn 50. Fifty was that age I never imagined, but to dream 50 like this is just God.

“I stand before you today to ask you to thank God for me; how could I have come this far without God, I was destined for nothing but God said I would make example of you. From birth He began to ordain my steps. The best thing that happened to me was disability; it is not a curse. What you see today is love in action. I am a blessed woman. I am the richest woman on earth,” she maintained.

Also speaking, Pastor Samuel Afolabi Coker of the King’s Chambers Ilupeju Lagos, noted that the programme was such that gave hope at the same time spread the love of God to all and sundry.

According to him, people who are physically challenged are part of the people to reach out to, to give them hope and the reassurance that Christ really died for them.

“My message of hope for them is that the strength of God is at work in their heart, and with that, they will surely overcome. If Christ is in you, you will not discriminate against anybody”, the cleric said.

Group Managing Director of Champion Newspapers Limited, Dr. (Mrs.) Nwadiuto Iheakanwa, while unveiling the latest book of Mrs. Iroumanya,  said the convener “has been a blessing to our generation”, calling for more support for  people living with disability in Nigeria.

Speaking further, she called on  all Nigerians to embrace people with disability, adding that “there is ability in disability”.

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