Home News Election Petitions: ZLP tasks Judiciary on integrity, professionalism

Election Petitions: ZLP tasks Judiciary on integrity, professionalism

Election Petitions: ZLP tasks Judiciary on integrity, professionalism

…Says Buhari should appoint ministers before July

Obiora IFOH, Abuja

The Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) has asked the country’s judiciary to use the instrumentality of Election Tribunal to address complaints arising from the 2019 general election without compromise.

Regarding the expectations of Nigerians from the newly inaugurated administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the party which has former governor of Ondo state, Olesugun Mimiko as a leading member said the president owes a duty to ensure that he picks his new cabinet within one month from now.

Addressing journalists at the end of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the ZLP in Abuja on Tuesday, the National Chairman, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu said the judiciary should live up to the expectations as the bastion of hope of the common man in discharging its respoonsibility with regard to cases at the election tribunal.

Nwanyanwu who read out the communiqué of the party said: “ZLP salutes the courage the judiciary and judicial officers for the brave judgements they have given on election litigators so far. We trust that the judiciary is the last hope for the common man and democracy,” he said.

Speaking on the constitution of new federal cabinet, Nwanyanwu said President has no reason to delay again in picking his ministers having been on the sadlle in the last four years.

He said that Nigerians expect the president to act fast in choosing his team and that the next crop of ministers should be made up of patriotic and capable hands to lead the strategic ministries.

“We expect President Muhammadu Buhari to do better than he did during his tenure as it relates to the time to constitute his cabinet. We are expecting in the next 30 days he should be sending the list of his ministers to the Senate for confirmation.

” I do not think Nigerians are in a position to waste as long as that. I believe he has learnt a lot lessons and he has gotten the robes right, I am sure he will not keep up more than necessary. So Nigerians are expecting that if not before the end of June, early July, his list of ministers should be with the NASS.

“As per the calibre of the people, we expect to see patriots, people with knowledge and who are determined to work for this country. We do not want Ministers who just want to sit down and answer ministers. We want people with capacity and he should ensure that those key critical areas of our development like economy, health, housing, transportation, those ministries should be given to well tested people who are ready to sacrifice for this nation. We can no longer take

“The President has gotten all he wanted in the National Assembly. He is controlling both houses. He has no reason to give Nigerians excuses anymore why he will not perform or why he did not choose good and credible Nigerians, whether they are in APC or in
other parties. Once Nigerians believe those people have the capacity to perform, he should take them on board. He is now the President of everybody.

Nwanyanwu also spoke on the quality of the ministers, advising that the president should not restrict the ministerial nominees to only his party members.

” I am not unaware that there are some people in the leadership of APC who may want every thing to come from APC even when they know that they do not have everything even though we have tasted
them for four years. The President should not go that way,” he said.

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