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CSO warns against abuse of whistle blowing on ammunitions

 Nigerians have been warned not to be carried away by the euphoria of the new whistle blowing policy on arms and ammunitions because it can be abused to punish and persecute enemies and political opponents.

The Executive Director of Coalition of Civil Society and Media Executives for Policy Stability (COCMEP), Comrade Innocent Ebirim Okadigbo, who handed this warning to Nigerians in a recent media briefing in Abuja, said the whistle blowing policy on arms and ammunitions was an effective antidote against the proliferation of dangerous weapons if handled professionally, patriotically and with the fear of God.

The activist tasked Nigerians to be very vigilant against aggrieved individuals who might mischievously plant ammunitions in the premises of their enemies and later blow whistle and politicians who might engage in the same mischief to blackmail and scandalize their political opponents.

Comrade Okadigbo drew attention to the recent alarm raised by Rivers State Governor, NyesomWike, Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, on evil plots to frame them up using whistle blowing and the reported case of Nigerian Army brutalization which occurred in the premises of a clergy man accused of stockpiling arms in Benue State as signals that whistle blowing policy on ammunitions might be possibly abused.

He expressed worries that with the biased, controversial and brutal nature of the operations of Nigerian Police, DSS, Nigeria’s Military, EFCC, the whistle blowing policy on arms and ammunitions may turn out to be a nightmare and innocent people may be brutalized if the system is not properly checked.

The activist urged the National Assembly ( NASS) to enact laws and legislations that will serve as deterrence and punitive measures for any mischief in the policy.

“A whistle blower has to prove a history of ownership before an accused person is believed to be responsible for the weapon otherwise there is no case”, Okadigbo said.


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