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Census: Nigerians have a lot to gain from EAD

Census: Nigerians have a lot to gain from EAD

Former Chairman of National Population Commission (NPC), Chief Eze Duruiheoma, has revealed that Nigerians have a lot to gain from the ongoing Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD).

He told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that EAD, an exercise done as preparatory groundwork for census, would help many Nigerians to be gainfully employed.

EAD is the numbering of buildings and demarcation of boundaries in a given area for accurate census.

Duruiheoma said it was not a task that could be efficiently done by staff of population commission, hence the need to employ more staff.

According to him, boundaries and buildings cannot be demarcated by just few staff of NPC if the country is to conduct accurate census.

He regretted the staggered execution of the EAD, which he blamed on paucity of fund.

He said “if not for paucity of fund, the exercise would have been more holistic, taking place in all states of the federation simultaneously.”

Duruiheoma, who urged Nigerians to support the exercise, said successful EAD would provide roadmap for reliable and uncompromising census.

He described EAD as indispensable in census preparation anywhere in the world, and called for adequate support and synergy by parties involved.

The acting Chairman of NPC, Mr Yusuf Anka, said the commission had commenced the exercise in 28 local governments of Nigeria.

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