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Mouka wins foam and mattress company of the year award


Mouka Limited, Nigeria’s foremost foam manufacturing company, has been declared the Foam and Mattress Company of the Year at the 2019 Nigerian Real Estate and Property Awards in Abuja

The inaugural edition of the Awards saw Mouka win the prestigious honour in recognition of its excellent and exceptional contributions to the real estate and property sector in Nigeria.

Receiving the award on behalf of the foam and mattress company, Mouka’s Commercial Director, Oladimeji Osingunwa said the recognition marked an attestation to the prime position Mouka continues to occupy in the minds of consumers as well as its dominance of Nigeria’s bedding industry, adding that the brand would not relent in its commitment to offering sleep solutions to teeming users of its products, even as it is poised for consistent quality delivery which has earned the company’s products a huge market share.

“Well, I must confess to you that this is not unusual in the last three years. Mouka Limited has been winning series of awards. In recent times, we are one of the few companies to be recognised in Africa – for the second time in a row – by the London Stock Exchange as the ‘Company to Inspire Africa’.

“And we’ve won several awards, including regulatory awards from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON). This series of awards is a testimony to the innovative strategy of the business, both in terms of products and in our route to market and customer service excellence,” Osingunwa stated.

He further said: “…We are happy that this is equally a further attestation to the fact that we’re on the right path and we will not relent on our oars because we know that for every award like this, it further gingers you to do more and puts you on your toes because your competitors are watching. You also need to be creative and innovative and continue to come up with new things as a business, because you’re high up there and the expectation continues to be high. We know that we need to continue to raise the bar in the industry, which we’re committed to and we’ll continue to do that.”

On the Awards’ selection process, Joshua Uwabo, Founder of the Awards, explained that Mouka’s emergence as the Foam and Mattress Company of the Year for excellent quality products followed a call for nomination and voting, a process which put the brand ahead of other competitors.

“…We had a call for nomination at the beginning of the year when we urged members of the public to nominate organisations who are striving in various categories. We had a lot of nominations, but when we did the voting, Mouka Foam came tops because of its excellent quality products and that is why we are celebrating the company,” Uwabo said.

The Nigerian Real Estate and Property Awards are aimed at recognising players who are shaping the industry, rewarding excellence and providing a networking platform for various companies within the sector.

This clincher for Mouka reinforces the brand’s unrivalled positioning as Nigeria’s provider of sleep solutions and its dominance of the country’s bedding industry.

For a better society

Getting communities on board for utilities’ digital transformation needed but not easy


Despite being at the forefront on technological innovation compared to the rest of the continent a deeply entrenched culture of non-payment along with mistrust and general negative public perceptions of the power utility Eskom are some of the factors that can be singled out as stumbling blocks in how Eskom can capitalise on this link between improved customer service and revenue.

“Era of Sustainable Globalisation ,Exchange Based Trade is Just Beginning”- MD LADOL


The Managing Director of LADOL Free Zone, Dr. Amy Jadesimi was one of the five global leaders who spoke on the opening panel of the just concluded Global Female Leaders Summit 2019 (GFL) in Berlin. GFL is an Economic Forum for Female Executives that is currently holding for the 6th time.

Speaking in broader teams Dr. Amy explained that the continent of Africa has broadly experienced 4 different ages of globalization: Exploration, Exploitation, Expropriation, and Exchange.

“The Era of Exchange based Globalisation and trade is just beginning. To succeed it requires trade between equals, i.e. a level playing field through which all participants, from nation states to private companies, benefit.”

“For Exchange based Trade to be practically applicable countries and companies in Africa need to invest in and develop higher local capacity and quality within sustainable business models. This is already happening at companies such as LADOL and will lead to a significant increase in the global GDP, as well as decreases in inequality and increases prosperity,” she said.

In addition, Dr. Jadesimi stated that Sustainable Globalisation requires the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and high income, low growth countries to recognise that current trade policies were not designed to lead to equality and prosperity for all. Now it is clear that our survival on this planet depends on our ability to decrease poverty and increase both the spread and size of global wealth dramatically. Therefore, institutions such as WTO need to promote and execute new policies for global trade.

“For example, rather than simply demand that countries immediately put in place new laws to protect Intellectual Property (IP) before wealthy countries will trade with them, the focus should shift to insisting that low income high growth countries develop home grown IP to support their own market to a level that makes them globally competitive and therefore better trading partners. Such countries will then naturally put in place laws to protect this “homegrown” and international IP, while also adding to global prosperity, creating thousands of jobs and new innovations that will move the whole world forward.”

“Zero sum game politics and trade policies are leading to global instability – collaboration is required on a fundamental level, particularly between governments and institutions to create new economy, sustainable technologies and business strategies”

Without radical reforms, Dr. Jadesimi commented that the current global trade practices will further entrench a status quo that is undermining previous gains made through trade for high income countries. As well as increasing inequality across the world and making it harder for countries in Africa to lift their people out of poverty.

“The Nigerian government has taken real steps to support the indigenous private sector in Nigeria and allow it to operate, add value and grow – when our private sector is the same size as the public sector Nigeria we will be part of the G20.”

“Many positive lessons can be learnt from the formation and positive impact of the EU on its member states, including the fact that the EU protected its markets from non-EU countries until it had reached a certain level of industrialisation. AU is potentially one of the most important institutions we have to develop Africa, as long as look inward and develop African capacity for engineering, manufacturing and trading within the AU” she said.

For a better society

Illegal Bunkering and Oil Theft in the Niger Delta – Impact on the Environment and the Nigerian Economy


Despite the efforts of the Federal government to curtail the illegal diversion of oil in the Niger Delta by increasing its security spending in recent years and devoting millions of naira annually to hire private security firms as well as equipping men and officers of the Nigeria Security sector saddled with the responsibility of protecting government facilities, incessant destruction of pipelines and other oil facilities across the country as well as trade in stolen oil by criminal cartels with international connections have continued unabated.

NNPC GMD Bags 2019 PETAN award for local content development

Ugo Amadi, Houston, Texas

The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Baru, has been conferred with the 2019 Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his leadership and contributions to the development of the local content in the nation’s Oil and Gas Industry.

NIMASA preparing for Nigeria beyond crude oil- Peterside

Ugo Amadi, Houston Texas

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is ready to develop policies that will see to a smooth transition from the regime of intense wet cargo operations to the inevitable era of renewable energy which may see less activities in crude oil exploration and exploitation in the country.

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