Ondo PDP Chairmanship tussle: Alonge-Niyi’ll defeat opponents



A group, the Arole Campaign Support Group (ACSG) led by Chief Tunde Akindehin has said the detractors of Arole Dennis Alonge-Niyi, one of the leading chairmanship aspirants for the forth-coming party’s congress is imbued with sound political pedigree to harmonise the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

The campaign chairman, Akindehin, noted that Alonge-Niyi has reiterated that he is more concerned with the party’s winning the coming gubernatorial election in the state than giving unnecessary attention to the saboteurs.

“There are hurdles to cross and we must show commitment than listening to the detractors who are busy working hand in hand in connivance with the ruling APC and are seriously in the business as usual to sabotage the party’s fortune ahead of the future elections. I think we must stop their evil deeds against the party this time around”, he said.

In a statement made available to Daily Champion, the campaign chairman said “Arole’s opponent had continued to display falsehood, distraction and blackmail to distract our attention. “Sadly, this is the kind of reckless posture of the politician that wants to turn the party to a private affair and keep presiding over the affairs of PDP in Ondo State.”

According to the statement, “the rival chairmanship aspirant is seeking attention and always wanted to be heard in the media to fight Dennis Alonge because of his success stories on town hall meetings and tours across the state.

The former PDP State Deputy Chairman who also served as the caretaker chairman of the party in Kwara State maintained that Alonge-Niyi has the wherewithal to lead the PDP in the state to victory.

He said: “Arole aspiration to be the PDP State Chairman has been applauded by the larger majority of the delegates and members of the party already seeing him as the agent of change and the right person to lead the party out of the wood.

“It is on record that supporters from both leaders and delegates have shown steadfastness amid the campaigns of calumny and smear campaigns on Social Media and Whatsapp platforms against this noble personality.”

“The unwarranted attacks on his personality by some certain sections of the party who were agent of the ruling party in the last elections and who are still on their payrolls are behind the malicious publications making rounds  in the media.”

“The ongoing litigation calls for the support and sympathies of any right thinking member of the Party knowing full well that the chairmanship aspirant and his people are unnecessarily being persecuted by the State based on the outcome of 2019 general elections.

 “Despite the fact that no life was lost in the said case as willfully insinuated, Dennis Alonge-Niyi and his people are presumed innocent until proven guilty like many other political office holders who are in court for one litigation or the other.”

 “Arole’s opponent in the race has been living in morbid fear of having delegates voting against him at the Congress for many reasons known to him, apart from sabotaging the party and its candidates’ fortune during the 2019 elections.”

“As such, he now seeks to use the instrumentality of blackmail and political subterfuge to divert the attention of the delegates from the substance of the failure awaiting him ahead of the Congress.”

Akindehin said while they remain steadfast in their belief in the support of the overwhelming majority of the delegates to the State Congress, called on the party to be wary of the activities of such undemocratic elements, using every means to undermine and derail the PDP in Ondo State.

He said their major opponent was aware that he had lost his popularity and respect of the party members and will lose gallantly at the Congress because of his incapability to lead the party to an enviable height.

“It is now unfortunate that he is now using the pending court case in connivance with the ruling party to blackmail Alonge, who is widely acceptable to lead the PDP in Ondo State. We are genuinely focused on Arole’s “Alagbaka agenda for the PDP in the state. Dennis Alonge-Niyi has been fighting against impunity and imposition for years and has not changed his stand”, he stated.

Akindehin said Alonge-Niyi has won many elections for the party and will contest the forthcoming State Congress and come out victorious by God’s grace.

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