May 29: PDP salutes own governors, hails achievements

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The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has
congratulated state governors elected on the platform of the party on
the occasion of May 29 Inauguration Day, describing them as leading
drivers of national development.

The party said it is proud of the commitment and success so far recorded
by PDP governors, particularly in the delivery of good governance marked
by landmark development projects in critical sectors as well as exceptional   programmes on wealth creation and economic empowerment of citizens, in line with the PDP manifesto, despite daunting challenges.
The PDP notes that the passion, zeal and dedication to duty being
demonstrated by our governors, leading to their unparalleled
transformation of their respective states, further testify to the
credibility of our party’s nomination processes to produce the best for
elective positions at all levels.
Indeed, the broad-based achievements of our governors in key sectors
including, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, power, road
infrastructure, education, housing, health care, water resources, ICT,
entrepreneurship, job creation, urban and rural development as well as
creating enabling environment for peaceful co-existence, show their
sensitivity to the aspirations of the people in line with our party’s
direction for national development.
Particularly, the PDP commended the governors for their deft handling of
the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in caring for the needs of the people
at this critical time.
In congratulating the governors, the party urged them to continue to
remain steadfast to their commitment and serving as examples for other
leaders at various levels across the country in providing good
governance to the people.
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