Former Governorship aspirant blasts religious leaders over poor participatory democracy

Former governorship aspirant in Rivers State, Deacon Akuro Parker.


A former governorship aspirant in Rivers State, Deacon Akuro Parker, is not particularly happy with religious leaders comprising Christian and Muslim leaders over their inability to fully participate in the leadership of Nigeria as a country.

Deacon Parker, who stated this in a chat with Journalists in Port Harcourt,the state capital, said critical issues of concern on the citizens, including the CODIV-19 pandemic, politics, legislation and development should be done in collaboration with government and must be consensus oriented as recipe for good governance.

Deacon Parker lamented that the inability of religious leaders to speak out, criticize constructively in governance and ensure accountability and transparency, effective and efficient service delivery, respect for the rule of law, equity and fairness is highly regrettable, disgusting and has caused unnecessary sufferings on the Nigerian citizens in the last few years.

 “Hold the church and Muslim leaders responsible for the failure of the Nigeria society, because, we have not been trained along the path of transformation, but only redemption, not forgetting that the focus is salvation. This is why, the teachings we receive the religious leaders are half-truth, and that means the religious leaders are far away from leadership, and only leaving the country to politicians and propagandists who think of the next election and their private pockets.

“In my dreams at several times, God has sent me to tell them that one of the reasons for the poor governance in the country is that our religious leaders are far away from governance and the Nigerian leaders no longer have the fear of God, they take laws into their hands at several other times to unleash anger on the poor masses, and also take what belongs to them, there has been no liberty, this is why the Nigerian leadership is derailing, because as the gospel would say, my people perish for lack of knowledge”, he said.

Deacon Parker call on religious leaders to maintain the ability to co-ordinate grievances and compliant properly and commence teachings on ‘Kingdom Political Education” as a special course programme to create proper enlightenment and sensitization towards achieving peace, love among Nigerians, but, not without the fear of God.

According to him, “When the righteous rule the, the people rejoice, we are the salt of the earth, and if not what is the church doing to justify the word of God and justice in the land”, he said.

Deacon Parker explained that his efforts to support other religious leaders in Rivers State are in the front burner, and that it is targeted at achieving oriented results in leadership and governance.”

“I am sent by God to deliver this message to our leaders, just few months ago, l was with Apostle Zilly Aggrey and the PFN leadership, also Elders council of the Redeemed Church of God, and even Bishop Kattey on the need for religious to come on board and think the way forward on how to instill the fear of God on our leaders and their followers.”

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