Mouka calls for commitment to worthy virtues of Islam during Ramadan


Mouka, the frontline company in the manufacturing of mattresses and beddings in Nigeria, has urged Islamic scholars, leaders and believers, to remain devoted and also to sustain Islamic virtues of love, brotherhood, tolerance and care during this period of Ramadan.

Commenting on the sacred period which is in fulfilment of the fourth pillar of Islam, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Raymond Murphy, said Muslims should see it as a time of peace and harmonious co-existence for a more united  and prosperous nation

Murphy affirmed that in this period of penitence and self denial, Muslims should demonstrate what they preach for others to emulate and to be seen as epithet of uprightness.

The Mouka boss enjoined Muslims to use the fasting period to pray to Allah for the speedy containment of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which has infected hundreds of persons and cases of fatalities, a situation that has led to lockdown of some states in the country.

“This is crucial at this time of the deadly disease for socio-economic advancement and we strongly advocates preventive measures on (COVID-19) pandemic for a more robust Ramadan period and to avert increase in infection as well as death cases,” he said.

He calls on them to keep to a healthy sleep culture which the company advocates, especially on Mouka quality mattresses. “A healthy sleep after fasting is necessary to ensure physical fitness for effective work performance,” Murphy advised.

Mouka has remained committed to worthy initiatives that ensure the wellbeing of the people as they are at the core of its mission.

Recently, the company donated 500 mattresses to Lagos State Government for the enhancement of its COVID-19 isolation centres and another 200 to victims of the Abule Ado gas pipeline explosion which occurred in Lagos.

It also aided Ogun State Government with the donation of 200 mattresses for its COVID-19 isolation centres, as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

On its stables are quality brands such as Wellbeing orthopaedic mattresses, Dreamtime water-resistant mattress and Mondeo Spring mattress. Other products on its stables include Mouka Mozzi, a three- variant brand of innovative insect repellent and wide range of pillows for a comfortable sleep.

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