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. 2019 Shitsuke Flag Football League

By Bantus Ugorji

Season Four edition of the Shitsuke Flag Football League game ended last Sunday, December 8, 2019 at the Meadow Hall School Sports Arena, Lekki Pennisula 2, Lagos, amidst pomp and pageantry.

The highly entertaining championship did not only witness a large turnout of Flag football enthusiasts but was characterised with glamour, splendour and elegance.

The thrilling encounter which ended 41-39 saw newly crowned champions, Titans slightly edging out vastly improved Panthers, who took this year’s tournament by storm with their sensational display.

No doubt, the Panthers started off this season with a lot of excitement just as their teeming fans were excited to see them progress having failed to make the playoffs in Season 3 of the championship.

A pip into their build up for this year’s encounter showed that Panthers were more determined to make history having paraded a compact squad of new players with a mix of few top experienced players.

This yielded result as the team stayed together and built on the strong foundation of last season. In fact, Panthers went on a 5-game winning streak ending the season with a 5-2 record and thus winning the Eko North Division.

They also thumped Season 3 champions, Vortex in the playoffs by a point to secure place in the finals.

Panthers, no doubt, were the fans favourites going into the final showdown with the Titans. Indeed, Panthers were at their best throughout the encounter with a fine display having put up a spirited effort in a bid to dislodge the Titans only to lose out barely 12 seconds to the end of the epic duel.  

Tunji Andrews, a member of the Panthers team disclosed that his side started out on defense in order to stop the Titans scoring first but they somehow managed it and went up 6-0.  They later came out on offensive and responded with a touchdown to tie the game at 6-6.

“We scored a female touchdown and garnered eight points in the process and followed by a male extra one point. At this juncture, it was the Panthers all the way with our fans reeling in ecstasy of a possible rout of our hard fighting opponents,” he said.

Panthers responded with a male touchdown (6 points) and a female extra point (3 points) thereby tying the game up at 15-15 at half time.

Second half resumed with a Panther touchdown and a subsequent defensive touchdown and they were up by 14 points. Thereafter, an exchange of scores ensued and the Titans were up by two (2) points.

As the game gradually winds down, it became a ding-dong affair between the two sides while their fans were in suspense as to where the victory will tilt.  Panthers, however scored and garnered four (4) points within the last 33 seconds. Titans scored and regained their two (2) points lead and closed out the game within the last 12 seconds.

Panthers ace, Tunji Andrews further disclosed that the Panthers came into this year’s championship as underdogs but were excited to have played in the finals at the expense of last year’s winners, Voltex whom they edged out in the playoffs.

He, however, noted that his team will get better in next years’ edition.

Shitsuke Flag Football League is a hybrid of American football and was started to satisfy the aspirations of American football lovers in Lagos. It is a non-professional game which gives participating teams an avenue to have fun and network with others.

This year’s edition is co-sponsored by Max Engineer Chinedu, and is tagged Max-Shitsuke Flag Football League championship game.

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Buhari in Japan: Presidency jeers IPOB over failed plans to attack President

“It is a rank President attained by dint of hard work “

…The motive is sinister—Garba shehu

The presidency has said that it is a mark of honour to address President Muhammadu Buhari  by his military rank against the backdrop that the ranks were confirmation of the president’s many accomplishments  while serving the nation as a military officer.

Reacting to an editorial by Punch Newspaper of Wednesday, December 11, 20198 titled “ Buhari’s lawlessness: Our stand” , the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity  Mr. Femi Adesina said that the choice by any person or organization  to address President Buhari  by his military rank was in furtherance of the free speech which the present administration has continued to uphold.

The newspaper editorial had taken a hard look at the leadership style of president Buhari  and  had subsequently taken a position when  the newspaper declared that “As a symbolic demonstration of our protest against autocracy and military-style repression, PUNCH will henceforth prefix Buhari’s name with his rank as a military dictator in the 80s, Major General, and refer to his administration as a regime, until they purge themselves of their insufferable contempt for the rule of law”

But in a swift reaction  Mr. Adesina noted that there was nothing wrong in any body addressing Buhari by his military adding that such will amount to acknowledging the president’s many accomplishments in the military cycle.

“A newspaper says it will henceforth address President Muhammadu Buhari by his military rank of Major General. Nothing untoward in it. It is a rank the President attained by dint of hard work before he retired from the Nigerian Army.

“And today, constitutionally, he’s also Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

“All over the world, just as in our country, a large number of retired military officers are now democrats. It does not make those who didn’t pass through military service better democrats than them.

“Rather than being pejorative, addressing President Buhari by his military rank is another testimony to free speech and freedom of the press, which this administration (or regime, if anyone prefers: it’s a matter of semantics) has pledged to uphold and preserve,” Adesina said

But joining issues with the newspaper, the Senior Special Assistant to the president on Media and Publicity Alhaji  Garba Shehu said the newspaper had sinister motive in taking that decision, describing it as unprecedented in the nation’s political history.

A statement  by  Garba Shehu which contains the second phase of Presidency’s react to the editorial reads in part:

“The reported new editorial policy of the Punch Newspapers to address President Muhammadu Buhari as Major General in his official title and refer to his government as a regime instead of administration, comes to us as totally curious and utterly incredible.

“The paper claimed that it is changing President Buhari’s official title to General because of his government’s alleged disregard for the rule of law.

“Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), for that is his title, and he was indeed a Major General, but today retired from that position and now twice democratically elected president of Nigeria – is not the choice of Punch Newspaper’s editors and owners, that is clear.

“He is, however, the two-time electoral choice of the voters of Nigeria, those very people who Punch Newspapers described this morning as “lethargic”: a disdaining epithet apportioned to decent, hard-working, everyday Nigerians for not agreeing with, and for not having voted in line with their publication’s editorial and political opinions.

“Punch’s editorial today is, however, entirely in line with holding and exercising the right of free speech and freedom of the press, as my friend and colleague, Femi Adesina said earlier today.

“Femi, Special Adviser, Media and Publicity said the fact the Punch can insult the President in a front page editorial and they go home to sleep, peacefully, is the best testimony to the prevalence of the freedom of the press and of expression in the country.

‘To quote him, “rather than being pejorative, addressing President Buhari by his military rank is another testimony to free speech and freedom of the press, which this administration (or regime, if anyone prefers: it is a matter of semantics) has pledged to uphold and preserve.”

“In countries around the world where this right does not exist, newspapers do not publish articles such as the one Punch did today; nor do they get to express political opinions contrary to that of government. The exact freedoms Punch claims are missing are self-evident here – in print, on the internet – for all Nigerians and the whole world to see.

“There is nothing wrong with expressing contrary opinions to this government – nor being in opposition to the president: this is the right of very Nigerian.

“However, calling for the armed overthrow of the democratically elected administration is a different matter entirely: this Punch has in no way done – but others who they seek to defend, have.

“There is the difference. Punch: oppose the government as much as you want to.

“We welcome your contribution to the debate. But we ask you not to throw insults at the good voters of Nigeria for not agreeing to your choice at the last election.

“Oppose in good humour: for that is the mark of the true democrat – that which you purport to be.

“It is not within the power or rights of a newspaper to unilaterally and whimsically change the formal official title or the designation of the country’s President as it pleases.

“It is unprecedented and absurd in our recent political history. The Punch never changed President Olusegun Obasanjo’s title from the President to General Obasanjo, despite the latter’s refusal to comply with Supreme Court judgment, ordering him to release N30 billion of Lagos State local councils funds.

“When General Ibrahim Babangida who wasn’t democratically elected assumed the title of President, why didn’t the Punch challenge him or address him by any title it so desired?

“In fact, IBB closed media houses for several months and years, including Punch.

“But the paper didn’t stop addressing him as President, despite the fact that he wasn’t elected.

“It is obvious that the Punch newspapers are playing partisan opposition politics which has nothing to do with journalism.

“The Constitution of Nigeria recognises the President as the formal official title of the occupant of that office. Can the Punch newspapers, in their hubris address the President as Prime Minister as it pleases?

“Is it within the paper’s responsibility or power to change the official title of the man who occupies the office of the President? Does that mean any newspaper is free to address the Comptroller General of Customs a Colonel rather than his official title?

“The Punch newspaper should separate journalism from partisan politics. What it is embarking upon is purely political and it is designed to play to the gallery and cause confusion.

“Punch Newspaper’s double standards in cuddling some of our past dictators and their open contempt for President Buhari clearly show that the paper has sinister motives for its current curious editorial judgment. Its personal hatred for and animus towards President Buhari should not be allowed to becloud its good judgment.”

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