Pro-Trump Solidarity Rally killings tainted International relations — Rights Groups


The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) and the South-East-based Coalition of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROS) have lamented the recent Pro Trump Killings in Port Harcourt saying it tainted Nigeria’s relationship with America and the Trump Administration. In a statement signed by the Board Chairman of Intersociety, Emeka Umeagbalasi and representatives of SBCHROS and issued to journalists in Anambra, the Rights groups expressed shock and concern even as they condemned the killings and blamed the Federal Government and the army for the attack on the celebrants. Adding that the ugly incident was smear on the country’s International relationship with the United States of America led by Trump.

“Diplomatic consequences of the pro Trump solidarity shootings and killings willfully carried out and allegedly perpetrated by the Buhari Administration may most likely overweigh Nigeria’s current Presidency particularly as it concerns Nigeria’s relationship with the new Donald Trump Administration in Washington.   The killings are the height of diplomatic blunder and miscalculation. Nigeria is doomed irreparably if it attracts to itself international isolationism from the world’s first among the equals and the equals themselves”, the statement observed.

Recalling similar incidences in the country the rights groups described the Port Harcourt Pro Trump Solidarity Rally shooting and killings as unwarranted since the celebrants were said to be unarmed.

“By law and circumstances, the shootings and killings are totally and inexcusably willful and premeditated; particularly on account of alleged existing secret or unofficial presidential death code against unarmed and defenseless Pro Biafra Campaigners and other citizens of Southeast and South-South Nigeria led by anti -Igbo-Nigerians. The anti Igbo presidential death code is circumstantially evidential; likewise associated criminal stigmatization”.

“We are deeply concerned, alarmed and shocked over the willful and premeditated killing of no fewer than 20 unarmed and defenseless Nigerian citizens and terminally injuring of scores of others at the Port Harcourt (Igweocha) venue of Donald J. Trump Solidarity Rally on 20th January 2017. Over seventy (70) other citizens that attended the rally were arrested and are still being detained by soldiers and police, etc, in various detention facilities in Rivers State and possibly outside the State”, the statement averred in part.

Intersociety and SBCHROS condoled with the families of the victims and urged the people to remain calm while government continued investigation to ascertain the number of victims of the attack.

“As we and other Nigerians and members of the international community await the completion of the ongoing statistical compilation and computation of the images and bio-data of those killed and maimed at the Igweocha Pro Trump Solidarity Rally of 20th January 2017; we again console with the families that lost their loved ones and bread winners as well as the leadership of IPOB World-Wide and urge them to take heart and see the death of their slain comrades as a price for liberty of their race to be saved and rescued from age-long physical or structural violence in a bleeding Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

“We also urge them to remain unprovoked, pacifist and nonviolent at all times.


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