AUTOBATE decries NHF deduction at Honda, TATA


Automobile, Boatyards, Transport, Equipment and Allied Senior Staff Association (AUTOBATE) has condemned the National Housing Fund deductions from the hard earn salary of its members.
Rising from its quarterly National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held recently in Lagos, the union  frowned at the recent legal threats of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FBMN) to the Management of Honda Manufacturing  which sought to compel them make the deductions compulsorily.
Reiterating its earlier position, AUTOBATE Scribe Comrade Sola Olorunfemi, said “We had never subscribed to the policy of compulsory deduction of NHF in the Automobile Industry, and even at the level of our Central Labour Movement -TUC we don’t want any of our members to participate because it has never yielded positive results.”
According to Olorunfemi, although there was a tripartite agreement between Trade Union Congress, Nigeria Labour Congress and Federal Mortgage Bank, however, most of the companies operating in the Organized Private Sector (OPS) are not bounded by this agreement as many of AUTOBATE members already have their own houses or pay for other housing scheme therefore deductions of NHF will be burdensome.
Similarly,  the President of
AUTOBATE noted with disappointment report of continual deductions for the housing scheme from its members at Tata Africa Services without considering their opinion. “AUTOBATE urges the management to stop further deduction and quickly make refund payment where necessary because it is against the collective interest of workers.” He stated.
The issue of National Housing Scheme policy of the Federal Government has been in place since 1992 by NHF Act compelling the workers to contribute about 2.5% of his basic salary of his income to housing, however, the implementation had failed to meet with the demands of the Nigerian workers making many private organizations opted out of the scheme. AUTOBATE National Secretariat stated that coming from the background of past failure, its members are skeptical about the housing scheme and it was the resolution of its National Executive Council (NEC) in 2010 that none of its branches should participate again in such a scheme.
The AUTOBATE NEC warned  that the management of Honda Manufacturing and Tata Africa Services should henceforth desists from deducting any money from the workers’ salary because it will amount to fraud.


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