SON clamps down on fake, substandard products in Ondo

It was a bad outing on Thursday to the people who sell sub standard products to the public in Akure, the Ondo state capital, as The Standards Organisation of Nigeria ( SON) clamped down on various products which were termed substandard and fake in Akure.

Mr. Paul Oke, the state coordinator of the organisation, who led the enforcement team said that the motive behind the move was perception of prevalent substandard and fake products in markets.
Oke stated that the products were a threat to Nigerian growing economy, saying that people were buying them unknowingly.
“The people indulging in substandard and fake goods are destroying the economy of Nigeria. As you can see, above 400 tyres without quality information have been evacuated from market today, numerous gas cylinders that cannot be traceable, energy bulbs without country of origin and as well as substandard electrical appliances and cables have been evacuated.
“And in order to stop such atrocity towards our country, we have to clamp down on them and to ensure that they are impounded,” he said.
According to him, anything that is fake is harmful and amounts to waste of money and resources.
He said that the country must not be seen as a dumping ground for goods.
He advised motorists to always go for SON certified tyres, adding that they must check year of production, country of origin and expiry before purchase.
“If you go and buy fairly used tyres, we can only help you to evacuate them which is what we have gone to do today. I urge all motorists to check year of production of tyres and add four years to last two number of the year to indicate year of expected expiration.
“It also goes with gas cylinder except that it is 15 years to be added and if this is not done and you are using expired cylinder, it is like living with time bomb because it may explode anytime.
“Anything that endangers one’s life should not be permitted to use anyhow,” he said.
He noted that the fate of the seized products would be reported to SON national headquarters for appropriate evacuation and destruction.
He added that the owners of the seized products would be prosecuted according to the laws, saying there was a procedure in place.
“We do what is called routine enforcement on regular basis and also carry out emergency enforcement to address urgent situation as regards unscrupulous materials,”
He therefore enjoined all potential buyers to ask for quality information of the intended products because one must enjoy the value of one’s money.
“If you have bought fake products, you can report in our office because if you do not, the seller will be smiling to bank but you will incur the negative effects of the transactions,” he urged.

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