Buhari needs religious leaders’ support in corruption war — Cardinal Onaiyekan


The Catholic Bishop of Abuja Arch Diocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, has said the war against corruption should not be regarded as a project initiated by the current administration of Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Onaiyekan stated this on Saturday, during the priestly ordination of nine priests in the diocese, which took place at the Catholic Pro-cathedral, Abuja.

Mr. Onaiyekan said additional effort in the fight against corruption is a necessary step, and that such effort could only be accomplished with the support of religious institutions.

“It is not Buhari who is telling us to fight corruption. We have been doing it in many ways.

“I think we could do more in the fight against corruption if there is more synergy between government institutions and religious institutions.
I am not talking only of the church,” he stated.

Mr. Onaiyekan further said the current administration has done very little to ensure the active participation of religious leaders in the war against corruption.

He added that the change mantra of the All Progressives Congress, APC’s administration can only become a success if the government provides a forum for the active collaboration of religious organisations in the ongoing war against corruption.

“There should be such arrangement whereby government officials and religious people can sit down and see how we can all contribute to the fight against corruption,” he said.

“For the moment I don’t think we have gotten the forum for that kind of cooperation.

“If we you want people’s heart to change you have to reach out to us, we are the experts in that,” the Cardinal said.

Mr. Onaiyekan however noted that religious leaders have a moral obligation to help in the fight against corruption.

“Although we don’t have to wait for them to tell us, but my own believe is that if there is a concious effort to work together, the impact will be more serious,” he noted.

Mr. Oniyekan said the occasion signifies the occurrence of great things in the country.

“Nine ordinations in one cathedral at once is a big news, even in the big churches of the world.

“We are among the front liners in the league of nations of the world, in terms of faith,” Mr. Oniayekan stated.

The Bishop urged the newly ordained priests to stand out, in a world slowly drifting towards materialism.

“Even if the world is standing for materialism, the priest must stand out, so that other people can see them and emulate, and so that homily can preach louder,” he said.

Two of the newly ordained priests, Reverend Fathers Vincent Iletogbe
and Cephas Magaji said the occasion should be treasured.

Others ordained are Charles Eketelu, Kingsley Fedinand, Emanuel Odiong, Joseph Tyopenda, John Uche, Naset Nwodo and James George.


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