How my husband was murdered by gunmen —wife of late Abia Link driver


Mrs. Juliana Obiesie, is the wife of  Monday Obiesie, a driver with Abia-Link Transport Company in Abia State, who was gunned down recently by unknown gunmen at about  8pm on his way back home. In this interview, she narrates how his husband was killed. Monday’s eldest sister, Mrs. Ihedinma Grace Anyadiegwu, also spoke on the dastardly act. They both spoke with our man, STEVE UNEGBU, at their residence in Amuzukwu Ibeku, Umuahia. Excerpt:

Madam can we meet you?
My name is Mrs Juliana Monday Obiesie.
What is your relationship with the victim?
Well, I am his wife.
Where are you from?
We are from Akaekwe –Amamba Uzoakoli in Bende Local Government Area, Abia State.
What happened to your husband, Mr. Monday Obiesie?
Well, he is staff of Abia-link Transport Company. His route is Lagos. That very day, he did not go to work. He went out. I called him around 7pm, when I was on my way back home from work. He answered and informed me that he would be coming back soon. It was by 8-9 pm, I called him back, surprisingly, his lines were switched off. Infact, that night, my four children and I were unable to sleep. We were worried. It was very early in the morning that we got the news that a man was attacked and killed by gunmen along Amuzukwu Primary School. We were told that the corpse was deposited at mortuary. We got there and confirmed his identity.
Was his car taken?
No, he went out with his small Golf car. I learnt he was ambushed by gunmen with two Keke NAPEP (tricycles) on his way back home. The attackers ambushed and fired at his Golf car. The car got damaged and they went shot him on the chest.
Are you suspecting anyone?
Please, our family members can discuss with you. Wait for them; they went to the police station.
The following day, Monday’s eldest sister, Mrs Ihedinma Anyadiegwu, spoke on the incident and the following dialogue ensued:
Ma, please, can we know you?
I am Mrs. Ihedinma Grace Anyadiegwu
What is your relationship with the victim?
I am the eldest sister of Monday Obiesie; we are from Akaekwe–Amamba Uzoakoli in Bende local government.
What is your comment on your brother’s death?
I was called yesterday and informed that unknown gunmen with keke (tricycle) killed him with gun on his way back home.
Is there anything you want us to hear?
Well, sometime early this year, the wife, Juliana, brought a complaint to our family concerning the strange behaviour of my late brother.
What was the strange behaviour?
She complained that Monday was seeing another woman and that he was not taking care of his family any longer.
What happened next? I mean what was your family’s reaction?
We called my brother and asked him, he did not deny it. He just said:, “I am  not doing any serious thing with her”.
At this point our family members cautioned him. It was after some times that the wife came and informed us that Monday had left his house and rented a new apartment with the lady. Honestly, for more than seven months or thereabout, he was living with the lady. Infact, for three terms, he did not pay his children’s school fees. They were out of school. I think it was from May, 2015. He left every responsibility to the wife.
Aat this point, what did your family do?
We advised the wife to calm down until we see him. We also called him and pleaded that he should come home to his children. Infact, the wife, Juliana, had to trace the mother of the lady with her kids and complained to them.
Does it mean you can locate the girl’s family now?
I cannot, but Juliana can do that.
What is the lady’s name?
I only know her as Joyce Adaeze. Infact, I got the name from her facebook account. She sent friendship request to one of my brothers.That my brother went out now. He has her pictures, including the ones she snapped with my late brother.They were holding each other.In the other, my brother is holding the girl’s phone number. She is from Afara Umuahia.
What happened after your brother’s wife went to the place?
The lady started attacking my brother‘s wife and children spiritually.
How do you mean?
She was pursuing them with matchet in their dreams often, but we advised them to be prayerful. After sometime, my brother’s wife informed us of the different things the lady was telling her. Please, let us not go into so many things because your paper will not accommodate them. But I want you to note something now; when my brother’s wife informed us that the lady had threatened her by saying “If I can not have Monday as my husband, I will make sure two of us loose him”. She said the lady threatened her severally with those languages.
At that point, we said, a man does not stay in the house and allow evil to happen. We went to the lady’s autonomous community Eze at Afara.
You went with who?
My parents- that is mother and father, who are still alive and my brother Monday drove us there.
So, does it mean, he never wanted the lady?
Yes, it was the lady that was forcing herself on him.
What did the Eze say?
When we got there, the Eze asked us our opinion. Our family said we did not want the lady as second wife.
What did you brother Monday say?
He said he never promised the lady marriage. But the Lady said Monday promised her marriage.
So what was the outcome of the visit?
The Eze promised to invite the lady’s parents so as to resolve the issue. It was at that point that we told the Eze that whatever happens to Monday, we would hold the lady responsible.
Did you hear from the Eze after the visit?
He said he invited the lady’s parents; they refused to come. So, he angrily hands off from the case and handed it to another Eze.
Did you hear from the second Eze?
Well, I travelled out; I cannot answer this question.
Are you in any way alleging that the lady in question has hands in your brother’s brutal killing?
Honestly, I know I can be invited toany place tomorrow concerning this issue. The summary is that my brother did not stop sleeping with that lady, sometimes; he would sleep there for a day or two. But he called me and told me that he had informed the lady of his decision of going back to his family, and that the lady told him that: “The only way I will let you go is if you rent a big shop for me and full it with goods. If not, I will not spare you”. My brother has been bringing back his clothes from the lady’s place. Infact, that day he was killed, he went there also, but no one knows what transpired between them. That was the last discussion I had with my late brother Monday.


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