Easter crusade: Muoka assures Christians of God’s blessing


The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries has concluded the plan to hold this year’s annual two-day power packed Easter programme entitled, ‘God’s covenant of peace and blessing’.
The event starts on Saturday 4th and ends on Sunday 5th April, 2015
Venue: The Chosen Revival Ground, Along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, by Ijesha, Bus Stop,    Lagos.
According a release made available to Daily Champion, by Pastor Louis Chidi,  this programme is so special because it is divinely inspired to help us bring to mind the significant of Easter which symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over death and which by extension  is the victory over hopelessness and anarchy, for Christ’s resurrection ushered us a new hope for peace and blessing.
“The nation is advised through this medium to use the opportunity avail by the occasion of this year’s Easter to foster peace and love in the country, as this is the only way we can acknowledge and appreciate what Jesus has done for humanity. We must understand that the covenant of peace is renewed every time we celebrate Easter and this year’s Easter is so significant in the history of our father land because if there is any time we need peace more than before it is now.
“The resurrection of Jesus Christ which is what Easter stands for is the bedrock of the covenant of peace God established with mankind. Without our Lord Jesus Christ resurrecting from death, there would not have been any hope of restoration of the peaceful relationship we had with God before our fore-parents severed it through sin. It is at Easter that we are reminded of how God sent His son to die as a sacrifice for all our sins in order to rescue us from the impending destruction that has been earmarked for us as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. Thus, by His death and resurrection, the covenant of peace and blessing which mankind originally had with God at creation was restored.
“So, the concept of Easter is inextricably tied to peace, hope and blessing, and these are the intangible chords that help people to get beyond the sad and sordid situations that might bog them down and give them a sense of hopelessness. Easter therefore brings that optimism that no matter how difficult or how challenging a situation or condition may be, having knowledge of the resurrection will remind you that if Jesus could defeat death, then all things are possible. It also suggests that as bad as the prevailing situation might appear, there is the expectation that things will get better if we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.
Matt. 11: 28- 30 says, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light”
God has offered us everlasting peace at no cost; however the cost will be high if we reject this free offer. If the world particularly Nigerians will acknowledge and appreciate this wonderful work of grace and by this invitation return to their God, then the political and economic nightmare that have characterized our society will become a thing of the past.
During this programme which is interdenominational, the Holy Spirit will deal with all the challenges of humanity and consequently evoke the covenant of peace and blessing upon the participants. Many people, who have been hearing about the peace and blessing of joy but have not experienced it, will experience it in this crusade. Some, who are asking God when their turns of blessing will come, will have it.  Comes this weekend as we go to God in prayer during this special crusade, peace shall return to all and the entire country shall joy. The Almighty God shall shower upon the participants’ free reign of blessing of peace and joy.
We are sure no participant will go home empty handed because God Almighty has heard the cry of the citizens of this great country and have seen the hopelessness they are subjected to and therefore has scheduled the crusade to bring peace and blessing of unspeakable joy to them. Without doubt, the era of political, economic and social anxiety will end after this power parked crusade and the nation will be great again.
It does not matter the nature of the ugly situation challenging your life or how long you have been in that situation or who is behind your predicaments, our assurance is that God has set aside the two days to intervene in the affairs of His people as He did in the bible days. He has heard the cry of humanity induced by sorrow in every area of life not excluding economics, political, health, family etc and has decided to come down in His Majesty to stop the enemy of peace and progress.
The crusade is going to be a spiritual solution that will douse the political anxiety that has pervaded the country. It is never the will of God that the entire nation should remain under any affliction or despair. Nigeria must be delivered and shall have peace.  It does not matter the extent of the affliction against their lives, families or businesses what we are sure is that in this crusade God Almighty will do something new in the life of participants.  A new experience of peace and joy will come their way because when God determines to do a thing, nothing can stop Him, for He is the all powerful God and the only One that says it and it comes to pass.
The crusade as usual is expected to attract an unprecedented crowd going by what was witnessed in the last event, so participants are advised to come on time. Free transport arrangement has been made by the ministry to convey people to the venue from any location within the Lagos metropolitan city. And most importantly provision has been made for a digitalized security measure that will address any breach of order.
The General Overseer Pastor Lazarus Muoka is inviting all to come and witness the demonstration of God’s power that will bring a lasting peace to the country. He is calling on everybody irrespective of his/her religious preference to avail him/herself of this opportunity to meet with the God of the Chosen that specializes in instilling peace and joy in our lives and country. He assured God has chosen that day to give peace and joy to as many as will come. Come therefore, and God will do you good.
God is stretching His hand of kindness to you by this program. You cannot afford to miss it. Come and experience the power of God in another dimension. Come and be blessed.


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