Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to go on sell soon


Israel Igiri

Japanese auto major Toyota is to start selling it’s “Mirai’’ hydrogen-powered vehicle in Japan on the 15th of December, 2015 making it the world’s first seller of fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs) for general consumers.
The new generation green car can drive up to 650 km on a single tank of hydrogen and emits only vapour, adding fuel only needs about three minutes.
Speaking on the development of the  four-door sedan that  uses a system which features both fuel-cell, hybrid technologies and Toyota’s new proprietary fuel-cell stack and high pressure hydrogen tanks, the President and CEO of Toyota automobile industry, Mr. Akio Toyoda said Mirai was a chance for Toyota to make a fundamental difference in the auto industry.
‘’The four-door sedan represents a turning point for the automotive industry. All of us at Toyota believe in a future that will be safer; greener and easier for everyone.’’
Toyota which aims to sell about 400 units domestically by the end of 2015 also plans to usher the car into US and European markets next summer.
Mirai, which stands for ‘’future‘’ in English, will be sold at a price of ¥6.7 million about 57,400 dollars],


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