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Xenophobic Attacks: Dike urges FG to severe diplomatic ties with South Africa

Xenophobic Attacks: Dike urges FG to severe diplomatic ties with South Africa

From Victor Duruamaku, Owerri

The Federal Government has been urged not to severe diplomatic relationship with the South African Government as a result of the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Nationals in South Africa by the South African citizens.

This advice was given by Professor Francis Dike, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Former

Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Imo State in Owerri Monday while chatting with newsmen in his office.

According to him, “Federal Government should ignore calls for the nation to severe diplomatic relationship with South Africa on account of the recent xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in that country”.

Professor Dike
, who criticized the calls and pressures on the Federal government to nationalize assets belonging to the South Africans in the land, pointing out that those assets belonging to South Africans in Nigeria provided gainful employment to Nigerians.

According to him, Nigeria as a big brother in Africa continent assumed the position out of destiny and not by choice.

Professor Dike
noted that the largest concentration of the black world, is in Nigeria and Africa in general.

He explained “Our role in the 60s, when we fought for South African liberation, is something for us to be proud of also the issue of South African Independence from Apartheid regime was heavily sponsored by

Nigeria and this is a fact nobody can deny”.

Professor Dike further recalled that the issue of South Africans recent attack on foreign nationals in their land was better summed up by the now late President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe whom according to

him said that “It is only in South Africa that an illiterate villager says that his job is threatened by a medical doctor” adding that the spirit that drives Nigeria as a nation is one of competition.

He said that any apology by the South African authorities in respect of the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians must be ignored and discountenanced stressing that the act was a deliberate one which flowed from top to bottom.

According to him, “Such an apology would also amount to an act of cowardice; therefore they should take responsibility for what they did and hold themselves responsible for what they had done”.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria who also expressed concern at the upsurge of insecurity in the country called for the establishment of state police and if possible, a local government police.

“In England, there is no national Police but basically, it is local government police and in America, you have Federal, state, local government Police and even the Universities have their own police, which show that the whole thing becomes sphere of employment”

He lamented the absence of an efficient police system in the country because according to him, the hierarchy of command is so unwieldy.

“To compound this, they have 4 authorities in control of the police and the police are under paid, untrained and under equipped and the method of recruitment a mad house.

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