Home Opinion Xenophobia: What FG should do to South Africa, by Obaditan

Xenophobia: What FG should do to South Africa, by Obaditan

Xenophobia: What FG should do to South Africa, by Obaditan

A political analyst, Barrister Yomi Obaditan, has called on the Federal Government to take a drastic step on South Africa over the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in the country.

The lawyer who also studied Foreign Politics for postgraduate course, told the government to either shutdown South Africa investments in the country or end the relationship with them if possible.

Obaditan in an interview with Daily Champion on Tuesday frowned on the attitude of the Federal Government of Nigeria on the issue which has claimed the lives of many Nigerians.

In his words, Obaditan said, “The Federal Government has been dozily on the way the South Africans are treating Nigerians for a very long time, there was an occasion when Professor Wole Soyinka landed in South Africa and they didn’t want to allow him in until a powerful individual intervene.”

He said it os the duty of a country to protect the lives and property of its all citizenry abroad.

According to him, Nigeria is supposed to reciprocate by threatening their investment in the country and send their ambassador back to South Africa.

He said, Nigeria did not need to beg South Africa but to show them the country’s strength which will bring the country to the table.

Obaditan said, “when a country decides to ignore your authority or maltreated your citizenry, there is what we call reciprocity, you will also reciprocate by threatening either their citizen or their investment in your country or take over so as to register it in their mind”

“You can’t just be weeping before your opponent, you create fear to let them know that you can bark and bite.

“You don’t need to beg south Africa, all we need to do is to close down MTN, Shoprite, Multichoice TV and all of their investments and send their representative back home. They will now need to send delegates to negotiate.

“In foreign policy, you use your economy, power, influence to control your opponent to know that they cannot undertake your sovereignty. Nigeria is a sovereign nation, and as a result, whichever citizen of Nigeria in any part of the world is entitled to be accorded respect. If the person violates the law, he will be treated according to the law of the land,” he added.

Obaditan stated that though he did not support Nigerians who are attacking South Africa businesses in Nigeria, he said, “but we can make them not to function. They are making billions of dollar in our country and the blood of Nigerians is more than the billion-dollar. You can’t try that in America and Israel. Because once you’ve killed an Israeli man, it means that you have killed the whole Jew and they will go after you and the same for America.

He recalled that before the independence of South Africa, Nigeria took a frontline position and helped the country financially and morally.

Obaditan disclosed, “When I was an undergraduate at University of Ibadan between ’82 and ’85, some of South African students were with us on scholarship under Nigeria. The late Benjamin Adekunle was among the people that were sent to South Africa to confront the apathy, physically.

“Not also that, Nelson Mandela has to come and hide in Nigeria for months. As we were given them the moral support, Nigeria was also given them financial support. Nigeria was a frontline state.

“General Olusegun Obasanjo was even said we should use “Juju” against them. The situation was so terrible that Johannesburg and some major parts of South Africa; children were moled down by the police.

“ It was Nigeria who took it up. Some of our financial kingdom investments were impounded just because of the apathy of government in South Africa. First Bank was before Standard Bank, it was the apathy that forced us to take over the bank and change its name etc”Family of seven found dead in one room in Lagos, he said..

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