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I would’ve acquired private jet, but…, —Prophet Timothy

Prophet Collins Timothy, the General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Praise Ministries, Ijegun –Ikotun, Lagos, fielded questions from INNOCENT OKONKWO during the 2017 National Women Convention of the church.

 What do you have to say about this year’s National Women Convention?

Today is our women day programme. Women, being the mothers of the church are celebrating their day. This is the time women in this great commission put smiles on their husbands’ faces and to the faces of as many that may want to participate and celebrate with them. This year’s celebration is quite different from the previous themes that we used to have in the past. In the previous years, we have had such themes as who is a mother; the roles of a mother in the house and how to build a Christian home among others.  However, this year’s celebration was tailored towards preparing souls for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Why did you change this year’s theme to, ‘are you prepared for the second coming of the Lord?’

We look at it from the ways satanic kingdom is spreading this time and it is really worrisome. We realized that so many souls needed to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus and for them to know the reason why we are here on earth. We are here not to kill, destroy and commit all sorts of atrocities. We are created here for a purpose and that purpose needs to be fulfilled before the second coming of Jesus Christ. That is why we chose this theme in order to prepare the people and also win souls for Jesus.

The essence of the foundation of this ministry is that you must be prepared for Jesus. We are not here on our own. We are here because Jesus has made us to be here. The price he paid for us will not be in vain that is why we decided to tag it this way so that wives and mothers in the homes will know what it takes and be equipped to build their own homes and families and also for fathers to know that their homes need to be prepared for Jesus.  That preparation starts from the heart.

 What do you see as the commonest problem that women face in the society today?

There are three major problems that women face: firstly, submissiveness, so many women don’t want to submit to their husbands. They want to assume the authority in the home but there is no way two captains can be in the same boat. Once submission is lacking in any home, there will be a division.

The second one is the problem of infidelity. It is rampant in marriages today. The only way it can be overcome is by women giving their lives totally unto Jesus, some will tell you that their husbands are not able to provide for the home but whether the husband can provide for the home or not, there is no reason for one to open her body to another man.

Thirdly, so many men don’t know their left from the right and their responsibilities in the home. That is why they lose their authority in the house; a man should not be sleeping and waiting for manner to fall from heaven.

If he does, it will give the woman the advantage to disrespect him in the family; the bible says that a man who does not provide for his family is an infidel, men need to go and look for the means of livelihood and how to provide for the family so that the family can be in order. However, they must put Christ first because any journey without Christ is incomplete. These are the problems that are facing the families today, it is not government’s problem, what is happening in the society today is individuals’ problems which they have failed to tackle.

 But the present economic situation in the country has made it almost impossible for so many people to have a steady means of income, what can such people do to maintain their authorities in the homes?

The bible says that a man should not be lazy; that he that is lazy will always go hungry. That is why it is not always nice to channel oneself to just one particular profession. Some people may say that they cannot make furniture because what they learned is carpentry but it is wrong.

Others may say that what they learnt is trading as a result, they cannot do handicraft. But what is the need of wisdom and understanding that God has given to each one of us according to the book of Proverbs; one can acquire new skills and develop things. Men shouldn’t say because they are retrenched from a particular job, they cannot look for what else to do.

Once some people are retrenched from a particular job and they decided to stay at home, they are drawing closer to their earlier death, and are also attracting problems to their marriages. The children will go hungry and some of them may become vagabond and embrace crime. The wife will begin to go after other men in name of trying to help the man. Some men will say because of the job problem, let the women go and look for something to do and in the end,  the woman  would provide money and cook food; the man would eat without asking how she acquired the money.

Some men will become lazy by being in the house and expect the woman to be providing for the family. It is wrong. If you are once a carpenter and you discover that carpentry is no longer fetching you money, look for upholstery and furniture makers, upgrade your knowledge and broaden your vision.

No matter the age of the individual, there are many things that he can learn; he can learn fashion designing because people must wear clothes. One can learn other skills to put the family in order. There is no point relaxing and waiting for the government. That is why I said that most times government helps us to achieve our dreams. There is no man on earth that God has not given a vision, everybody has been given one craft or the other by God. You can design things and mass produce them.

There is no point waiting until one is employed in a company or by the government. There are so many things that one can do in this nation.

For instance, there are those who are into fish farming, you don’t have to go to school to learn the skill, it is practical. You can start in a small scale before long it has spread. There are those that are into snail farming, you don’t need to buy a land for this, within six months you will harvest, there are goat rearing, grass cutters and rabbit farming, there are a number of things that one can do to cater for the family.

 Many people are of the opinion that churches of nowadays are established for fame and money making, how do you react to that?

Olive Mountain is different, if am using the grace that God has endowed me with for money making, I would have been driving the best car, and acquire a private jet. I would have built the best mansion for myself. God heals and delivers thousands of people here always but they don’t pay any money. I live in a rented apartment but all am after is heaven’s agenda. So that is why mine is different. If I have one Naira in my bank account and I see some that is crying who is in need of help, I give such a person that money. My children attend public school but there are those that I’m sponsoring their children in the universities, two of them have graduated, others are still in schools.

 How do Christians differentiate between genuine and fake prophets?

The Bible made us to understand that by their fruit, we shall know them and that fruit is their conducts, their ways of worship and presentation of who they are. A true man of God does not condemn other men of God because he is not the one to judge them.  God is the judge.  You don’t require to pay for the gift of God, why must a man of God tell people how much to pay for healing, is he the one that heals, he is only a tool to be used by God. For instance, as you come here, God will tell you what your problem is, he will heal you and you won’t pay any money for the healing.  Anywhere (church) you go and they tell you that you need spiritual works, please move out of such a place, they will use candle, from using candle, coconut, native kola, native pot to pigeon, goat and other animal’s blood, they graduate to using human parts. The only spiritual work that anyone needs is the supreme sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, you don’t need any other spiritual work so anywhere you enter and they don’t proclaim the testimony of Jesus and the word of God, run from such places.

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