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What will happen to leaders looting funds – Olumba speaks on 2019 election

What will happen to leaders looting funds – Olumba speaks on 2019 election

The Spiritual Head, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba Olumba Obu, has warned Nigerian leaders of the consequences of ruling without the fear of God.

He also said that any leader looting funds and fails to run the nation’s affairs with the fear of God risked His wrath.

Obu, who was represented by Archbishop Joseph Dike, Director, Inter-Religious Affairs of the Brotherhood, said this on Sunday in Lagos ahead of the church’s 100 years of existence, NAN reports.He said: “Every leader should realise that he is entrusted with a divine responsibility, he is a caretaker of an estate and whatever he does he must surely pay for it.

“Ironically, the result of their leadership reflects on the fortunes of their families after they are gone, because the public treasury does not belong to anybody. It is God’s money.

“Whoever is looting public funds is looting God’s money and no matter what you take out of God, He knows how to recover everything.

“Public office holders should realise that they are given responsibilities and entrusted with the people and God has invested in them, if they destroy it, it is left to God,’’ he said.

The Archbishop further urged the youth to take their destiny in their hands by participating actively in choosing their leaders and not being used as political thugs.

“From 1999 till date, no election has ever taken place in this country without blood being shed because of ignorance.“The youths make themselves willing tools of these wanton destructions. Nigerians should know that whatever they are doing to this country they are doing it to themselves.

“Political gladiators are businessmen and we are their commodities, it is us who should choose either to become tools to be destroyed or to make ourselves what we want to be.

“Why is there hunger in Nigeria in the midst of plenty? We are in this situation because we are not thinking outside the box.“No public sector can sustain the economy and the growth of a nation; it is private initiatives that can sustain the growth and development of the country.

“Youths should think of what they can do for themselves, education is not a license to get a job.“Education is meant to broaden your mind and give you the ability to be able to read between the lines and make use of every situation.

“Until we remove our dependency on white collar jobs, hunger will not leave the land, so we must think outside the box to grow as a nation.“No matter whatever we are claiming in our economic and political terrain, if peace is not brought into the system, the conflicts will continue.

“Nigeria will have a very successful and peaceful transition and whoever God wants will win,” he added.

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