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Why President Buhari should address Nigerians

The call by the National Assembly on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently address the nation on what the American  would call the state of the union address is very apt, statemanly  and  therefore , should be acceded to and used to let Nigerians know the mind of his  administration on the economy in particular and the general governance system in the country. We say so because there appears to be too many cooks for the broth, a development that has left so may issues hanging and,  in some cases,  awaiting an undefined presidential body language.  President Buhari must speak out now on what and how his government is addressing the current debilitating economic recession that has seen Nigerians losing so much in their general wellbeing in the last one year of his administration. Not even the president’s key Ministers and political aides are qualified any more to talk to Nigerians on these   matters.
Today, all of the president’s cabinet members are known to be singing discordant tune on the same issue ,  not in the least,  the path and strategy for pulling the country’s economy out of the wood- a development that has seen Nigerians lose so much value in their resources and general wellbeing – avd experiencing the  worst economic  recession in history of the country in the last three decades with  inflation climbing to almost 18 per cent  and the local currency, the naira losing over 80 per cent in the open market.  Unprecedented in the   country is the fact that the dollar has become more than a precious commodity that  has left so many companies prostrate because of their inability to source it for for their raw materials need to remain in business.These  are dangerous developments as more Nigerians are losing their jobs by the day , even when no new jobs are being created. Nigeria and Nigerians are at a crossroads and somebody must point the way forward.
Some   Nigerians  are persuaded that  President Buhari does not have a competent and sagacious economic team that will survive the current economic quagmire.  Nigerians  also worry that the war on corruption is partisan ;  and that the administration seems  not to have clear roadmap  on what do do  to create jobs for teeming Nigerian youth who constitute over 60 per cent of 180 million of the  population,  , reduce poverty,  and  above all,  lift the economy out  of recession
The  All Progressives Congress, APC,  Governors’ Forum apparently spoke the minds of most Nigerians recently when its chairman and Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha  challenged the current administration to shift from the blame game  to seeking solutions to what has gone wrong . We completely agree with the Forum and, therefore,   challenge the Buhari government to give Nigerians hope in this  time of austerity . The days of lamentation should give way  for inspiration and hope for a new Nigeria. This is what Nigerians want to hear from their President,  even    if it turns  out to be pure politics in the long run .  Nevertheless ,  a leader should inspire hope and not despair as this government has done since inception 17 months ago.No leader gives its nationals away to the outside world as corrupt  and expect them to come and partner the same nationals in business and sundry matters.
Also, the recent altercation between the President and his wife as to who belongs to which room comes  as a manifestation of the frustration in the land where no one seems to know who to hold responsible for anything,  although it is taken for granted that the buck stops on the President’s table.
By the time the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that Q2 2016 was Nigeria’s second quarter of negative growth, most businesses already knew that the country was   in  recession. Businesses were seeing input costs rise, and consumer demand weaken. It goes without saying that businesses in Nigeria are facing some of the toughest times they’ve faced in  decades . Nigerians want to know what its government is doing to to ensure that the economy bounces back next year. But achieving this feat goes beyond  Change sloganeering.

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