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White House shooting: Secret Service stops armed man

The Secret Service has shot an armed man outside of the White House, according to US officials.

Police told ABC News that a man brandished a weapon at a security checkpoint near the building and was shot in stomach.

The White House was briefly placed on lockdown after the shooting on Friday. President Barack Obama was golfing in Maryland at the time.

The victim was transported to hospital with critical injuries, officials said.

Vice President Joe Biden was in the White House at the time. He was taken to a “secure area” during the incident, White House officials said.

The White House has seen a number of security incidents in recent years, prompting changes at the executive complex.

In 2014, Iraq War veteran Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence and ran into the building with a knife.

Another man, Joseph Caputo, scaled the White House fence on Thanksgiving of last year.

In 2011, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez shot at the White House and was charged with attempting to assassinate Mr Obama or a member of his staff.

Mr Ortega-Hernandez believed God had given him a personal mission to attack the White House, law enforcement sources said.

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