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When to flaunt it with style

Whoever said stylishly flaunting what one has got could be akin to exposing body parts or contours in the name of fashion?
Flaunting simply means displaying your qualities, possessions in an obvious way especially in order to win, obtain other people’s admiration.
In fashion, flaunting is simply minimal displaying of one’s good body qualities in such a way as to say speak or define you while highlighting the finer points of what you have got, which is the God’s special gift for you.
Amplifying your assets otherwise, known as flaunting does not mean in a way that it is intended to attract unduly  sexual attention mind you , hence is quite different from exposing  your body or nude.
Flaunting what you have got could be likened to making a strong statement in fashion, thereby showing that one actually understands her body type/ figures and goes towards selecting and highlighting them in her choices of style of fabrics she wears.
On the other hand,’ exposing’ nude is quite different from ‘flaunting’ what one has got, the former being reckless exposure of torso in a way that it attracts sexual attention and which could be very offensive in fashion while the latter is understanding what goes where and how, accentuating good qualities of your torso while creatively hiding a slag parts of bodies.
A stylishly fancy dress or clothes should be able to feature ones best curves and body parts while hiding your flaws beautifully, too tight clothes and too big dresses make you look bigger, hence good understanding of style principle and how your body works is encouraged in fashion.
Good knowledge of one’s self goes a long way in the choices we make in fashion. It should be the stand point of our choices in style and shades/ colour of fabrics we intend to use.
Don’t miss the point; one can actually cover all parts of her body with clothes but still look very good so as well, can also highlight/ flatter her good points or qualities without attracting sexual attention to  herself and still look very chic and flawless.
There is nothing wrong if one goes for an off shoulder, handless or one missing hand dresses or style, when she has a good streamlined broad shoulder! And also a boyish figure also  looks best in necklines that have a sexy dip-like a deep V or a sweetheart neckline while a slim body type can wear sequins, boucle and heavy beading without fear.
The only slag here  could be when the off shoulder does not stick exactly at the end of shoulder but go beyond it thereby exposing unduly the armpit and contours of the boobs, or when your boob is popping out of a handless dress because of it size.
Again, one should know that if you are endowed boobs wise , ordinarily should not opt for  handless top because it will attract attention to the size of the breast rather the better thing to do is to look for a perfect dress that conceal your body with little detail/design on the top of the dress.
Needless to say please leave out sleeveless dress or top to those who are licensed to flaunt their streamlined arms.
Like I have always said do not choose style because you simply think it is the trend, instead try to understand what will work for your body type, good qualities and flaunt it!
What can possibly prevent a young girl with appropriate statistics to wear a dress a little below her knee with good sweet heely shoes or breath-taking flat barley shoes, thereby flaunting her good long straight legs?
Absolutely nothing! Is only when it is very short that she hardly bends down or when the flesh of her laps could not give a straight and sweet sight to behold.
What can stop a lady or girl to accentuate  her tiny west and flat tummy by wearing big bold belt( abortion belt) over a long or short dress, thereby flaunting what she had work really hard to maintain-flat belly.
I also think absolutely nothing, because it simply means making a fashion statement over good knowledge of your figure.
Please do not go for bold belt when your tummy is not flat because it ends up making the tummy to be two, upper and lower tummy, thereby showing off that chubby  tummy  that would have been concealed stylishly  if good style is chosen.
Hey! A little advice for the way leggings are being worn, good! Legging is a trend now, and there are many ways to rock it but please, please, if you know you have accumulated bum fat all over your laps please wear legging with a long top or short dress so as to cover the body fat. Do not expose that bum-like fat please!
Again, as I said last week, if you are heavy always go for darker colours, do not wear white or yellow leggings please it will not flatter you nor amplify your assets.
What is very bad for a young girl/ lady to wear an oval or low  neck  top/ dress , flaunting  a little and I mean little of her cleavages if the boobs size are cute and that the boobs have cleavages?
As before, I also think nothing is very bad in it only when it is not over do. There I go again, if you have breast fed before or your boobs are all over the place  especially when you wear bra please do not expose your nude by wearing such top or dress with such neckline  because it will send out wrong signal of you because you are exposing lots of flesh.
My humble advice is- dress who you are, because a good fashion should be the one that not only fit your body type, but also reflect your personality and fashion sense.
So, ladies, go out there and make a statement!

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