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Vodacom Business links up subscribers to iXPN

As part of upgrade and expansion, Vodacom Business Nigeria said that it has connected its global network to the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN). The IXPN provides a platform that allows several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network operators in Nigeria to exchange traffic between their networks by means of peering agreements based on transparency and confidentiality.
It would be recalled that Vodacom Business Nigeria is the first enterprise solutions provider connected to the newly created IXPN exchange point in Ikeja, Lagos.
A statement from the group noted that connecting to IXPN not only reduces internet transport costs and network latency but also ensures faster access to local content as traffic is exchanged locally.
The real value of an Internet exchange is in encouraging a maximum number of local ISPs to connect across the IXPN peering points. “With our connection to IXPN we have improved on our ability to connect locally and with a large number of the world’s internet networks directly. This improves latency times and reliability, for all our customers” said Vernon Van Rooyen, Chief Technical Officer of Vodacom Business Nigeria.
He added that “Our customers can access locally hosted content within Nigeria rapidly, securely and cost effectively” he added. Additionally, with peering amongst ISPs, we will facilitate greater internet penetration and gradually bridge the digital divide existing in the country”.

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