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Traders flee as flood dumps corpse in Onitsha


It was a double tragedy for traders at the Onitsha International Electronics market, Anambra State, weekend when flood submerged the market and left in its trail a decomposing corpse it collected from God knows where  and dumped inside the market which compounded their problem.

Sources said that while the traders were crying over the great loss incurred due to the devastating effect of the flood, they never knew of the corpse’s presence until they started perceiving offensive odour which a search party immediately discovered was dumped by the side of a shop in a shallow gutter inside the market.

Fuming while reacting to the ugly development, the Financial Secretary of the market, Hon. Onyeka Azubike, who was flanked by the Vice President – General, Mr Nwabufor Okoye and Public  Relations Officer,PRO, Mr Ikechukwu Onwuama said, “the flood that came from the
sacramory along the Onitsha/ Asaba Expressway dumped the corpse inside the market because the drainage system that passes through the market was blocked at the entrance gate behind by a company adjacent to the market”.

“Because of the blockage the flood couldn’t pass through and then submerged the market and mostly affected were those at the A-line and adjoining ones”.

“We have alerted the Okpoko Police station and the health officials of the Ogbaru Local Government Area so that they will help us by removing the corpse to enable us remove the debris and flood that has turned the market to a mini lake which has made most of us to abandon our shops”

According to the PRO “we have petitioned the state Government and it ordered for the opening of the blocked drainage system but the order is yet to be executed”

Also the former PRO, Innocent Emenari and a trader in the market, Engr. Emeka Monanu revealed that, “since 2013 this Illegal blockage structure has been here and we also wrote to Federal Emergency Management Agency, FERMA, to come to our rescue but to no avail and over  N500 million worth of wares were damaged”

Mrs Chinwe Obika and Mr Akin Joe,  victims said, “this is not thefirst time this thing happened, it is about the third time, we pay our axes to government but they refuse to assist us. We lost millions to
the flood and some will finally be sent packing to their villages or turn to armed robbry because no money to continue with their business”.

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