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Toyota to train 500 technicians, lady mechanics

Toyota Nigeria Limited has concluded arrangements to train over 500 technicians, who are  expected to benefit from its annual training programme , which  is in accordance with the standard set, by its parent company, Toyota Motor Corporation.
The company announced this during a meeting between some senior managers of the company with its dealers and customers in Lagos to discuss issues affecting the development of the brand in Nigeria.
According to the company, the training, also extended to lady mechanics across the country, was aimed at keeping the service teams handling its brand of vehicles up to date with the modern automotive technology and how to fix new vehicles with ease.
In a statement by the Head, Dealer Development and Special Projects, TNL, Mr. Henry Ojuoko, all its dealers’ technicians would continue to benefit from technical training being facilitated by the company. Ojuoko stated the training programme involved a four-step certification system, which would ensure that the skill-sets of the dealers’ technicians were at par with other Toyota technicians worldwide.
He also hinted that the company organised “a refresher course, which ensures that all the TNL’s dealers’ technicians who have attained the four-step certification system are kept abreast of new technological developments” as well as a special service campaign aimed at ensuring that Toyota customers’ vehicles were always in safe operating conditions and constituted no danger to the driver and occupants.
“These activities become necessary if the manufacturer observes that a manufactured part may not serve for the originally intended minimum duration, that is, operational fitness of the vehicle may be affected; introduction of new technologies, which will enhance the continued usage of Toyota vehicles in service; new software programmes, which enhance driving experience and operational fitness of Toyota vehicles,” Ojuoko added.
He encouraged owners of Toyota vehicles to take advantage of the special service campaign in view of its benefits of maintaining their vehicles with its dealerships in terms of having access to quality spare parts, qualified technicians and professional advice and support

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