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Top actors and actresses who hit stardom acting sex roles

In line with the changing times, Nigerian movie followers have cultivated the appetite for raunching and weird scenes, a popular feature in Hollywood movies. Marketers, directors and producers are all aware of this. To them, any movie that will break ground commercially must accommodate these scenes. Hence, they encourage scripts and productions with sex appeals. Today, some actors and actresses have carved a niche for themselves by playing sex roles in most movies. Checkout any of the productions till towards weird scenes that are close to blue film as you can imagine and you will be able to grasp the proper picture being painted. IFECHI OKOH parades front seat occupiers like St. Obi, Shan George, Omotola Ekeinde, Cossy Orjiakor, Zack Orji and Emeka Ike. Enjoy it!

ST. Obi
His sex appeals stands him for good  in the assessment of directors, marketers, producers and even ladies who are naturally tempted to pair him for the fun of it . In fact, his sexy physique can even give such ladies instant brain wave of  what an escapade with the only St of the movie world would be like. No wonder, actress gleefully jump at the slightest golden chance to pair him in any production which has to do with sex roles. From the few movies this reporter had been lucky to watch, St. Obi is a fine actor to reckon with.That is on and off the screen.
Shan George
Shan Georg‘s light skin which makes her look more like an half caste may have tipped her as an actress that could make any male admirer wet his pant. Interestingly, the directors and producers who may have tried her out for such role could have gotten more than they bargained for as she turned out to prove herself as a dynamite in the sex role movies. From that moment, she could have earned herself unwittingly a special place in the hearts of viewers who are no doubt willing to the tear her apart with their eyes in any of local home videos. Her popularity from that moment, had knew no bounds as she became a hot cake model of sorts, gracing the covers of most soft sells. Today, the highly controversial actress has big time movie delight on the account of her ever controversial statements and involvement in one male matter or another. From all indications, it appears she loves these unfolding dramas about herself and career.
Cossy Orjiakor
This soft spoken actress that had since become notorious model for sex roles and postures in some soft sell magazines naturally is a care free lady. A number of movie directors, marketers and news hunters know like the back of their hands and marve; at her courage and the extent to which she could go in baring it all while interpreting her sex roles. This courage has really seen her through all her roles, despite snide remarks in some quarters. It is this role that popularized this pretty Masters degree in Business Administration holder from UNILAG. Her weird sex roles in Nollywood is unparalleled. No wonder a section of the press has nicknamed her as “Mama of Nollywood sex sirens”. A soft sell magazine, few weeks before its demise, splashed her on its cover in an unimaginable pose with an Alsatian dog.  It was incredible! But since a photograph hardly tells lies all that saw it must have been miffed at such disturbing sight.
Zack Orji
Unlike others, the front seat actor is not as notorious as a large percent in the business. He may have been noticed to play such daring role as a result of the heavy throw down. However; Orji tries as much as possible to take it easy on set as a gentleman with self respect. But as a die had professional, he may have compromised publicly along the line, perhaps as the script and no-nonsense director demands unapologetically. His incredible bold romance with Nollywood sex siren, Eucheria Anunobi in “Glamour girls, part 2” remains a banger in the memories of Nollywood followers till date. That explosive batchroom scene to zooms to the fore the possibility of Orji being a green snake under the green grass. They  were even disturbing insuniations that both of them really had a feel of themselves after the shooting.
Omotola Jolade Ekehinde
Today, this pretty and controversial actress may not have been as prominent as Eucheria or Cossy in the sex role business. This may be due to their titilating past records. The reason is simple. Omotola is now happily married to a respectable pilot. But before she tied the nuptial knot, she was a daring frontliner in the concern of daring sex role actresses. The lanky actress made a lasting statement when she played perfectly the role of a raw prostitute in the “Prostitute” years back. By that singular act, she establish herself as a perfect sex role interpreter when she exposed all her sensitive vitals to make the expected impact in the viewers subconscious. However, she had been appearing in many more daring movies, playing  such provicature roles.
Emeka Ike
He is just one of the new comers to the sex role business in movies. However, it is on the good record that the controversy loving top actor had done jobs which have undoubtably made waves more than those of fore-manners. He has actually brought flavor and vitality to bear on his outings as a rugged lover boy.It is bewildering to note that he tends to forget that he was on set, while interpreting such sex role in its most daring manner. Incredible!

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