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There’s no controversy over U.S election prophecy –TB Joshua

..2017’ll be tough
INNOCENT OKONKWO, Political Editor
General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Joshua, has said there was no controversy over his prophecy on the outcome of the United States of America’s presidential election.

He said that the outcome of the election was an indication of power of prayers, stressing that people who are conversant with the efficacy of his prophecies went into fervent prayers begging God for the prophecy’s reversal.

Joshua likened the American presidential election’s outcome to the prophecy of biblical Jonah to the people of Nineveh that God would destroy their city within 40 days, a prophecy which was averted by sincere prayers of the inhabitants of the city.
The cleric also advised the church members to get prepared to confront the tough challenges that the incoming year will throw at them, saying that 2017 will be a very harsh year.
Joshua who stated this during a special Sunday service at the Ikotun Egbe, Lagos headquarters of the church, told the congregation that he had got many emails from some Americans confirming that his prophecy on the election spurred them to intense prayers which God eventually harkened to.
 “Thousands of people that heard my prophecy prayed to God, they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy. That a prophecy is disclosed and it did not come to pass does not mean that it is not authentic,” he said.
 The author of one of the mails which was read out to the congregation during the service commended Joshua saying, “Your word came and challenged us to pray. It was like the prophecy of Jonah when God told him that he would destroy the people of Nineveh. Thank you prophet, your word saved America, it was a warning, like the prophecy of Jonah when the people prayed, God changed his mind. Prophet, God hears your prayer. We prayed and fasted.”
Confirming the power of prayer in prophetic utterances, Joshua said, “They know my antecedent that what I say always come to pass, as a result, they went to God in prayer. This is the power of prayer, it is not a crime to tell you, look at the track record of the person that is talking; the boat will be rocked, there will be challenges what else do you need. Let’s believe in the power of prayer.
 “We have seen the outcome of the election in America. Having read, you will notice that it is all about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans. In this case, we need the spirit of a prophet to recognize or to know a prophet. Our levels are different. We are not on the same level. We might have great cathedrals, huge bells and all kinds of activities that are good by human standards but human point of view is limited, “he said.
“I Corinthians 1: 25. The foolishness of God is wiser than that of men and the weakness of God (if any) is stronger than that of men. There is no shortcut to spiritual maturity unless earthly understanding gives way to spiritual enlightenment. I see many people trying to interpret prophets on the basis of their own minds and ideas. The prophecy seems to cause uproar, to many who gave it different meaning and interpretation.”
According to Joshua, “Campaigns and elections in any democratic country in the world are never about one person; it is about the country we care and love, whichever way it happens, we must accept the outcome and then look for the future (God), the author and Finisher. Democracy is all about accommodation. All democrats must value the process of democracy more than the product. God bless America.”
Meanwhile, Joshua in his sermon said that his greatest challenge in the work of the ministry is (building) people’s faith, saying that most often, God uses unpleasant circumstances such as problems and sickness to draw people close to himself.
 He therefore charged the worshippers not to crumple under any situation but to seek the face of God in all circumstances.
 He added that only God can give contentment in the life of people contrary to the erroneous belief that money and material possessions are the key to contentment and peace of mind in the life. Joshua counselled the worshippers to refrain from comparing themselves with others.
“It is only God that can give you contentment not money or possessions. God knows what will give you joy, happiness and peace of mind. When you have it (peace of mind) you stop comparing yourself with others. When you measure yourself with others, you won’t be contented. When the peace of heart comes you stop comparing yourself with others, you will see yourself as who God says you are. “
He further charged the congregation to stand against their adversaries, saying that whoever sees his enemy as his superior has been defeated.
 The prophet also tasked the church to make their heart a prayer room and learn from Jesus who was not afraid of criticisms during his earthly ministry.
“When you don’t have inner joy where is your prayer room? Can a troubled heart be a prayer room? Don’t allow your situation to trouble or control you. A believer’s heart is the prayer room. Ask Jesus to restore that which is needed to make you happy. Irrespective of what is being said about me, it does not matter.
 “Joy and happiness are very important, you cannot create happiness. People try to create happiness by doing many things including going to drinking joints and clubs, dancing and other things but they can’t create happiness; leave it for God, stop worrying yourself, the peace of heart will come naturally, just like way you grew,” he said.
“If anybody tells you that peace of heart will come when you become a millionaire and have all the houses, it is not true. The moment your enemies know that you don’t have peace of heart, they will threaten you. They threaten those who have no joy. If you have peace of mind, you cannot have nightmares.
“If your will takes over your heart, where then is the will of God, your will put your heart in bondage. Your will is what put you in bondage. If you don’t pray according to God’s will, you pray in vain, take Jesus example; ‘let your will be done.’  He has given us a good example, a roadmap that we should follow but we are not following it. When your will captures your heart, your heart is no longer be a prayer room.  You may not be a rich man yet your life is complete.”
Joshua also challenged Christians to review their lives, saying that death could occur without any notice.
“Have you ever asked yourself, if you die today, what you will be remembered for? Do you ask yourself if today will be your last day on earth, what you will be remembered for? Those questions will help you to arrange yourself. You have attended many burials, do you know that you are not too old to die. You are not too young to die. There are still more fights ahead. The greater you are, the more the fight, fight the good fight,” he said.
In the meantime, Joshua advised the church to get prepared to confront the tough challenges that the incoming year will through at them, saying that it is going to be a harsh year.
 “Next year will be tough. This year the rainy season, next year will be the dry season, you need to be free to face the challenges of next year.” he said.
As a way out, he said that he has designed special programmes through which he will prepare members of the church for 2017.
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