Thursday, July 18, 2019
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“Fifteen men on a dead man chest, Yohoho and a bottle of Rum, Drink for the devil had gone for the rest Yohoho… Yohoho… Yohoho…!”  – Jonathan Swift

I laughed to scorn with a bottle of rum sitting at my balcony when the news filtered in that the coach Sunday Oliseh tutored CHAN Eagles could not survive the strength of the SyliNationaleof Guinea, and that became the Nigerian team nemesis that saw their early exit from the CHAN 2016 in Rwanda!
This Columnist is not a prophet of doom, but if you say so, at your own peril.  When coach Olisehwas being negotiated by President AmajuPinnick of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) those in my school of thought knew that Pinnick was going on another round of jamboree just like the case of dismissed Stephen Keshi.  Oliseh played some  friendlies and qualifying matches immediately he was employed by the NFF  and had abysmal outing all through.
When Coach Oliseh played Tanzania, Niger, Congo DR. before and during the CHAN proper, we believed that the coach was worse than Keshi in his coaching ability.  Why I bled all through my heart over the state of the Super Eagles, very many sycophants were clapping for NFF, Pinnick and Oliseh in their mediocrity!  This is the case I was shouting.
The CHAN tourney had come and gone and what followed?  Apology… apology… apology!  How long can we continue to fail and apologise, always going to the “Drawing board” over their failure and incompetence.  When will all these stop?
The NFF of Amaju Pinnick is so defiant to voice of reasoning, playing the ostrich as if he is the first President of NFF had produced since 1945.  I am so ashamed of his rascality, incompetence, pride, self-aggrandizement and his dwindling popularity.  No doubt, Pinnick lacks the will to succeed as far as the Super Eagles is concerned.  This is obvious of him because he displays more of juvenile deliquence than the maturity to go for success in the Glasshouse.
No doubt, Oliseh and Pinnick have failed, because countries with good football performance are rated with their senior national teams.  So, if the Super Eagles continues in this woeful path, then, sooner than later, Nigeria’s football will become history!Permit me to say that if muscles were not meant to function, we would not have them.  And if they are not used, they have become weak and insufficient.  If we thought Oliseh was good to rebuild the Eagles after Keshi’s exit and had obviously performed badly, then, it was time to relieve him, so goes for Pinnick, therefore, the oars now rest on the NFF, because I believe the Glasshouse is not owned by Pinnick alone!
Except, this NFF has also assumed a position of mediocrity, then it can keep riding on with the propeller of apologies and always returning to the drawing board.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

“Truth is an open wound only conscience that can heal it” – Uthman Dan Fodio (1804)

The die is cast as the embattled out of contract Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi finally endorsed the lines of what he (Keshi) had since described as slave contract in a ceremony in Abuja over the week. What a shock! To me, it was a celebration of shame and rejoicing mediocrity.

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