Monday, November 12, 2018
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Obi blames social media for misgivings over his nomination

Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State, has advised Nigerians to hold those elected into office accountable.He added that there is need for paradigm shift in conversation, values and governance, if Nigeria is to get the desired positive change.

Obi spoke on Saturday in Lagos, during a conference organised by The Potters House of Lagos (TPHOL) with the theme: ‘Paradigm Shift’.He said, “The problem of Nigeria is not going to be solved by prayers only, but by Nigerians; we must bring back sanity to the system.“The first shift has to start with our way of thinking; there also has to be paradigm shift in the things we value and celebrate.

“We must start celebrating feats, visible achievements, researches, heroic humanitarian acts and not fame, money or ‘eye service’.“The greatest tragedy of ills in the society are us because we are the ones that allow them to go on; we have to change our way of evaluation.

“Complacency is hurting the country; it is time to tell our politicians to do things differently, and so we need to bring people to be accountable to their promises and duties.“We need human conscience to pilot the affairs of our state; people who can create wealth, save money, take care of the citizens without being biased and selfish.

“We should task them to ensure that campaigns are issues-based and so we should begin to engage them in conversations.“We need to know those that want to vie for positions and their capacity; it is only when we have the will to enforce and ensure these that we can begin to notice positive changes”.

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Reason we can’t reveal to Nigerians what Buhari spent for treatment abroad – CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria and its Governor, Godwin Emefiele, have argued that it was not within their immediate responsibilities to provide information to Nigerians on the treatment of President Muhammadu Buhari or what it cost the country to keep the presidential aircraft and crew for 103 days at the Stansted Airport in the United Kingdom while President Buhari’s medical treatment lasted.

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