Friday, February 22, 2019
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US shutdown: Democrats to pass funding bills as they take control of House

US Democrats have vowed to pass bills that would end a government shutdown, when they take control of the House when Congress reconvenes on Thursday.But the bills will not include funding for President Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall, the cause of the shutdown.

Trump in Iraq: Seals, secrets, selfies, squabbles

Donald Trump’s unannounced Christmas visit to US troops in Iraq succeeded as a morale-boosting exercise, judging from the standing ovation the president got. Equally, and perhaps predictably, the trip had its controversial moments – and his legendary attachment to social media had something to do with it.

Rihanna, Kanye, BTS named Time’s most Influential people on internet

Music Icons, Rihanna, Kanye West and BTS are among 100 most influential people on the Internet named by Times Magazine.The music icons stood out as the biggest music names on Times online radar, majorly because of their cultural impact, entrepreneurship and a huge following on social media sites.

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