Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Eid-el–Fitr celebration: Lagos deputy, Akiolu, Chief Imam preach love, tolerance, peace

As Muslim faithful celebrated Eid- el –Fitr on Sunday to commemorate the end of one month Ramadan Fasting, the trio of Lagos State deputy governor, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule, Oba of Lagos, HRM, Oba Ridwan Akiolu and the Chief Imam of Lagos, Alhaji Garba Ibrahim Akinola have called on Lagosians to continue to live together in peace and allow the existing peaceful relationship among people of diverse tribes and religions in the state to continue so as to accelerate developments and strengthen good governance enjoyed in the state.

The deputy governor, who joined other Lagosians to observe the Eid el Fitr Special Prayers at the Central Mosque Lagos, urged all Muslims to imbibe the tenets of the Ramadan fasting which according to her include’ : fear of God, love for one another , tolerance, equality, obedience, abstinence from sins, discipline and caring for the welfare of fellow human beings irrespective of religion, colour or tongue.

While congratulating Muslims for enjoying God’s mercy to see the end of the fasting and witness another Ed- El Fitr celebrations, the deputy governor advised them to strengthen their faith in God and ensure that they do not go back to any sinful act they may have stopped during the fasting, noting that one of the lessons of the fasting was for Muslims to be more pious, move closer to God and refrain from sins.

“As we celebrate Ed- El- Fitr, let me congratulate our Muslim brothers and sisters for God Mercy that has seen us to the end of the month and I want to specifically urge you to keep faith with your God and fear the Almighty Allah, those sins you have moved away from during the Ramadan, please don’t go back to them again , say your prayers regularly and always remember to pray for your country and our dear state Lagos , let us unite together and build a very strong nation that our children will be proud of I pray that the Almighty Allah will not deny us the reward of the fasting’’ Adebule prayed.

The deputy governor who noted that the democracy in the country has come to stay despite its initial challenges called for unity and peaceful co existence among people of different religions and tribes, adding that Nigerians stand to benefit more as a united nation.
While thanking leaders of various Islamic Organisations for using the fasting period to pray for the state, the deputy governor urged all the residents irrespective of their religious beliefs, tribe or language to continue to live together in peace , stressing that more developments would be achieved when there is peace and tranquility .

She urged the residents to use the advantage of the Eid El Fitr celebrations to pray for the success of the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode led administration, noting that the various reforms and urban renewal and infrastructural projects embarked upon by the state government were aimed at transforming the state to the world standard and improving the quality of lives of the residents.
In the same vein, Oba of Lagos, Oba Ridwan Akiolu noted that Lagos is a cosmopolitan state that accommodates people from diverse tribes and religions, urging people to continue to love and tolerate one another and support the state government in its drive to bring developments to all communities.

Akiolu urged the residents to imbibe good hygiene by keeping good and neat environment so as to avoid a possible outbreak of epidemics. obeying government laws on sanitation and waste disposal system to avoid the outbreak of epidemics in the state.
He stated that there has been wide spread of malaria parasites which he noted was caused by dirtiness and unhealthy living style of the people , advising them to obey government laws and regulations on sanitation and waste disposal system and improve on their personal hygiene.

In his sermon, The Chief Imam of Lagos State, Alhaji Garba Akinola urged Muslims to be kind to their fellow human beings and emulate Prophet Muhammed in their relationship with others.
He noted that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) during his time was able to convert many of his followers into islam because of his exemplary behaviour, advising them to always remember the saying of the Prophet that ‘’ no one is a Muslim yet, until what he wants for himself, what he wants for his brother’’.

While urging Muslims to imbibe the tenets of the Ramdan fasting, he charged them to desist from sins and other vices capable of undermining the preaching of Islam.
The highlight of the celebration in the state was the free 20 Eid el Fitr Get together Centres organised by the state government , where all residents irrespective of their religions or tribes can go and enjoy the celebration with one another .

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