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SSS warns politicians against “inciting utterances, unauthorised political campaign”

The State Security Service, SSS, has asked political actors to watch their utterances and public conduct.

In a statement signed by ‘Tony Opuiyo,’ the secret police said alleged “hate speeches” of some politicians were capable of heating up the polity.It added that some had already commenced political campaigns even when the Independent National Electoral Commission had not opened the campaign season.

The SSS said it “observed with total dismay, the inciting utterances of some political actors whose activities heat up the polity.”

The agency said, “It also wishes to express its disappointment with these politicians who, in their desperation, are engaged in hate speeches and even sponsorship of radio campaign jingles when the electoral umpire has not authorised such campaigns in line with the Electoral Act.”

The department further railed against the contribution of unnamed “unpatriotic” media houses in fuelling the atmosphere of division across the country, saying such activities “negate their constitutional role as the fourth estate of the realm.”

“In line with its statutory mandate of maintaining the peace and internal security of the country, the Service hereby restates its commitment to go after anyone no matter how highly placed who engages in acts capable of causing the breach of peace in the country,” the statement said.


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