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Senator Kwankwaso’s home visit is real, says Inusa Dangwani

If there is any politician today in Nigeria particularly in the North whose political momentum and ideas are cherished and held at a very high esteem, it is the former Governor of Kano State and now Senator representing Kano Central, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. When he was the governor, his administration indeed touched the lives of all and sundry in the state. Today, as a Senator is not only concerned with his constituency but matters that bother all Nigerian states. To avoid over heating the state polity as a result of pulling the highest crowd, the Senator, after the 2015 general election, is paying his first working visit to Kano, his home.

It is on this platform that our correspondent, SHAMSU ABUBAKAR,  interacted with his former Chief of Staff and former Commissioner for Water Resources, Dr Adamu Dangwani. Excepts:

The coming of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwasnkwas to Kano has put fears into many politicians especially this administration and also overheated the polity. Why?

Well, I think this fear is unfounded. Kwankwaso is a peace-loving politician in Nigeria; that is why everywhere he goes, he talks about peace, encouraging peaceful Nigeria where its indigenes have the right to live in any part of it. You could remember during his first and second tenures, people enjoyed the most peaceful co-existence and had the privilege of going about their normal duties as other Nigerians do in their respective states.

He ensured that all kinds of violence were curtailed; drug addiction which was then a menace reduced to the barest minimum as he formed committed various security outfits to arrest addicts and sent them to a Reformatory Institute he established at Kiru purposely to train and reform them into useful people that can contribute their quota in the development of the state and Nigeria. As a result, one can hardly find them on the streets of Kano. But today, when you go round the city you find them littered everywhere while the Reformatory institute is closed down leaving these young men and women to their fates.

This and many reasons have shown that during his administration, Kano has been very peaceful unlike now that people are living in fears, return to their homes as early as 8 or 9pm for fear of being attacked by hoodlums. People should not have fear as his visit is going to be peaceful as he has been preaching on that all his political life.

In this respect, how true is the story that the Senator has cancelled his visit to Kano?

That is not true. Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the supreme leader of Kwankwasiyya, is coming to Kano, no doubt about it on the 30th of January 2018 Insha Allah as the visit is not cancelled. It is still on, though this rumour is coming from the people who are afraid of his coming especially the people from government.  They are doing all they can to frustrate the visit but they will not succeed;  they are the ones who spread all these rumours and that due to his ill-health, he can make  all sorts of lies which are not true.

What I will assure you is that he is well, very healthy and he is coming for sure on the date slated. I will only appeal to the government to stop spreading these rumours and withdraw thier evil plan against his visit because the peaceful people of Kano will not take it, no matter what. Senator Kwankwaso is coming to his home surely to campaign for his people for the coming local government election and is going to be peaceful.

Every indication has shown that Kwankwasiyya loyalists are peaceful people. The recent violence at the Emir’s Palace during horse procession durbar to commemorate the Eidi-el-Adha festival between the peace-loving Kwankwasiyya followers who were there to enjoy the durbar as part of their Sallah celebration but were attacked. The former commissioner for Special Duties in this administration claimed the responsibility of organizing the turmoil as well as that of the Minjibir by-election which saw scores of death and uncountable casualties.

This shows that those in the government are the violent ones not the members of Kwankwasiyya who will be out to receive their political hero.  I believe the security agencies have taken note of some of these threats made by some commissioners on air and I hope that they will take it serious and act on the tips to ensure no life is lost and culprits could not achieve their evil plan. The security agencies act on this and we are watching as we urge our people to move peacefully. In government circle, all these plans are hatched, whatever they plan, we have our people among them who keep us informed of how they are planning to disrupt Senator Kwankwaso’s visit but it will not work.

The recent information that got to us was the series of meetings they held trying to come out with a method on how to create violence as a means to bring the six-day visit to a halt but we hope the people of Kano State and the security agencies are watching.

The beauty of Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso’s politics is that ever since the genesis of this political rivalry between his camp and that of the current administration, there was no time he minces word in an attempt to answer any political or personal attack on him. Is that fear or been regarded as peerless to him in politics?

Well, first of all, Kwankwaso is a matured politician. If we have people like him, the politics of Nigeria is very real and as far as he is concerned, there is no need for rivalry. It is like installing your son on a throne and consequently he felt he is matured and doesn’t need your advice, what is there? That is why he just kept quiet after all, political wise; the Governor is not his mate but rather learnt politics from him. So, there is nothing to antagonize on as far as politics is concerned honestly.

Holistically, Senator Kwankwaso and Governor Ganduje are matchless when it comes to politics, he prepared him and supported him and by the grace of Allah, he made him the state governor to succeed him. Kwankwaso talks about things that matters not such cheap political rift. His supporters can do the job because we felt we toiled for him to emerge the winner of 2015 election brought him and are equal to him.

The government is our child, so, if deviated from what we promised, we have the right to call him to order and that is what we are trying to do. But instead of taking the right course, he rather employs politics as government officials for reprisal. So, if the plan is for our supreme leader to talk, then, it is a faiedl one, he won’t talk to people he taught political ABC in class.

He refused to come to Kano just because of his charisma but not for fear of something, he loves peace and always distance himself from anything that will bring disharmony as a result of his presence that could also distract the government and as he promised that he is not coming to Kano until when political campaigns are flag off, so as isais earlier the purpose of his coming is to flag off campaigns for the APC Kwankwasiyya members who have duly purchased forms for the coming local government Chairmanship election in February 2018.

Your rivals are saying that the Kwankwasiyya movement is not a registered political party or has purchased forms that will make them eligible to contest? What is your take on that? 

We are genuine members of the APC under the genuinely elected state party Chairman, Hon Umar Haruna Doguwa, who belongs to us and nobody has removed him and we have our candidates who have purchased forms and are going through primary elections, the real democratic process unlike what we saw the government where about five or more candidates will be asked to purchase the forms and after will pick his favourites. Without a refund, he will tell other contestants to be obedient to his choice.

So, let them keep wasting their time, we are duly prepared to surprise them, this politics and not radio propagandism, which they claimed they know better. Our members will contest; we have already submitted our filled forms to the state Independent Electoral  Commission and the Chairman has acknowledged it.

In this regard, what is the actual interpretation of APC constitution of state party leadership succession?

The Constitution is very clear, these are the party elected leaders for a period and that period has not elapsed, and you want to remove him. There are procedures you have to follow. So, for someone to get up in a day to go to court only to claim party leadership is not only a joke but havoc  to the party structure and should be expelled  as punishment. Until the party’s National Conventions and Congresses are held and the new executives are elected, Umar Haruna  Doguwa still remains the chairman of APC in Kano.

But the national secretary of the party has pronounced Engr. Yahya Bashir Karaye of Gandujiyya as the new party chairman in the state? 

It is unfortunate this came from the secretary and some aids from the Presidency and they know that they have not follow the due process of the party constitution we still believe the national secretary of the party alone cannot lock himself in a corner of a room and start making fragmental pronouncement for the sake of that without the consent of the national executive working committee. So all what they are saying is null and void which i don’t think it holds water am am sure people will come to know with time.

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso recorded the highest marks on his score card by raising the educational standard of the state from its bad state to the standard and other sectors of the economy, but why is he attacked rather than hailing him?

Well, I don’t know why he is being challenged but I can tell those that are challenging him are doing so for enmity, enviness and for cheap popularity but thgey have forgotten that shat he achieved in the state during his second tenure made him a hero not only in Kano but Nigeria and other parts of the world. His achievements are there to be marched and I don’t this government is a match to Senator Kwankwaso they are only envious and the people of Kano are there to judge.

Is there anything comparable between the two?

As far as I know, there is nothing to compare between them apart from a Master and his fun boy. Kwankwaso raised the standard of education but he is destroying; he constructed uncountable infrastructures but this administration is busy parading other governors’ work for credit; Kwankwaso maintained status quo between them by supporting him to win election but has become a sycophant and ungrateful servant. So, what is there to compare?  Virtually nothing.

All I can add is people of Kano State are not illiterate and not blind; they are watching.  Am sure, they will judge. That is why he continues to enjoy massive support of the people of this country and they will continue to do that till he gets to Villa because his supporters have multiplied by each day since his first and second tenure to date. Nigerians really appreciate him for magnanimity and are wishing  him all the best in politics.

For a better society.

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