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Senate summons AGF over violations of Constitution by Executive


Senate on Wednesday summoned the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami over controversial Executive Order No. 006 and the other Executive Orders which have been issued by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The AGF is expected to appear before the Senate in plenary session to justify signing the Executive order by Mr. President.

This was as a result of the motion sponsored by Senator David Umar.

The lawmakers while speaking on the motion said the orders were issued in clear usurpation of the lawmaking functions of the National Assembly.

Senate in It resolutions  also urged the federal government to urgently empanel a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate all cases of human rights abuse allegedly committed by the Police, the Nigerian Army and other security agencies in the course of discharging their duties with a view to identifying the culprits and victims and offering redress where necessary.

Leading debate on the motion, Umaru said Nigeria’s democratic credentials have become questionable as a result of the alarming cases of alleged state-inspired human rights violations and consistent constitutional infractions perpetrated by agencies of government.

He said allegations abound that the executive has not only consistently violated the fundamental rights of Nigerian citizens particularly the rights to dignity of human person and right to personal liberty but also infringed on the Constitution in several ways.

However, there some Senators across party line clash over the motion, while some kicked against the motion some of the senators said the motion is in order.

Supporting the motion, Senator Shehu Dani said that motion clearly narrates state of affairs in the country adding that 19 years after the country returned to Democracy, we are still asking people at the position of power to comply with rule of law.

He added that the country is heading towards dictatorship.

However, Senator Jubril Barau interjected Senator Shehu Sani saying the lawmaker should mind his language.

But, the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu ruled Senator Barau out of order saying that Senator Shehu Sani is yet to breach any rule of the Senate with his contribution on the motion.

Shehu Sani while continued in his contributions said, “We are sliding into tyranny, autocracy or even totalitarianism. We must respect and value democracy and conform to certain standards. We are very concerned with the issues raised in this motion.”

He added, “When we are out of this office, we must remember that our only shield will be these laws. There is no better way to fight corruption than to use the instrumentality of the law and make sure the common man is not haunted.”

But, Senator Barau while speaking against the motion said that the issues raised in the motion is still before the court of law and speaking on the matter in the Senate is subsidized.

He warned that Senators should be conscious of the current political climate in the country as not to heat up the polity in the country,  adding that Let us try as much as possible to put politics aside. We have to put our heads together to face these challenges.

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