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S/E Elders blasted over comments on Obi as Atiku’s VP

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The gubernatorial candidate of Better Nigeria Progressive Party, BNPP, in the last Anambra State election, Mr. Ikem Ohanugo, Tuesday blasted the South east Elders forum and some governors of the zone for allegedly saying that they were not consulted before the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, was picked as the Vice President to Atiku Abubarkar, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential candidate in the 2019 election.

“I don’t know what they mean by not being consulted, it is an in-house thing, well, it is the Igboman factor, the way I look at it. How would one say he was not consulted? Must we have a meeting for a flag bearer to decide who will be his running mate, he may have made up his mind long time ago that Obi will be his vice and secondly if he is coming out outside PDP as a party, it is understandable.

Even where they were not consulted, they would not have made it public. We should be thankful to God that our own son who is far more qualified than anybody else is on the race.

It is a very wise decision to have chosen Obi, his achievements will speak for him. It is through him that we have incumbent going for second tenure, he has what it takes.”

“Atiku’s emergence boxes the present administration into a small hole because that is a heavy weight. Atiku to me is a man I call Wazobia, he is everywhere, he may not be acceptable everywhere but he is everywhere. His emergence is a very big plus for PDP. APC government is a failure; I can’t mince words in saying that. Even any candidate, who has no clout as Obi, can aspire to win Buhari in a free and fair election”, he hinted.

On the travelling ban slammed on 50 Nigerians by President MUhammadu Buhari he reiterated that, “they have been in this country for three and half years and they were not banned until now that you have just three months to the general election.

There are things we don’t do, you wanted to ban these people, it is intimidation, whether what they have done is against the state or not, the timing is wrong, we should learn not to hit up the polity, doing the right thing the wrong time.”

“Nobody will see it in the plain case of fighting corruption that they have questions to answer. It is being done for purposes of election and I keep on saying it that Nigeria always advance in criminality.

Nobody thinks of what will benefit the majority of the people,” he concluded.

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