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Right group advises FG, Army to spare soldiers condemned for mutiny


United Action for Democracy (UAD), has cautioned the Federal Government and Nigerian Army against executing the 12 soldiers found guilty of mutiny in the fight against Boko Haram.
UAD made its stand known in a press release made available to Daily Champion at the weekend after its convention to honour its late cofounder, late Comrade ChimaUbani in Aba, Abia State.
The statement, signed by Comrade Baba Aye, its National Convener, Comrade Zulu Ofoelue, its General Secretary and Comrade StyvnObodoekwe, the National Publicity Secretary, the human rights organisation argued that it was the corruption in the army that the soldiers were protesting against, and should not be held for defending the truth: “the condemnation of 12 rank and file soldiers to death for mutiny reflects the crisis of the system in Nigeria. While $14 billion has been spent so far on defence, rank and file soldiers are ill-equipped, under paid, demoralised and frustrated, while the generals and politicians feed fat. This was what prompted the protest action by the soldiers. UAD identifies with these patriotic soldiers and categorically condemns the unpopular judgment and sentence passed against them. We demand the immediate release of the 12 men, and call for a probe of whooping sums of monies allocated thus far, supposedly for security and defence”.
Expressing its support for the civilian JTF, UAD stated that Nigerians should develop self-defence militias, in order to protect lives, property and legacies: “We must demand, win and defend social, economic and political reforms, but must not allow ourselves to fall into the illusion that such gradualist tokens in themselves can lead to our liberation”.
It also described the constitutional conference as a positive move, but called for a referendum to formulate a new constitution based on the report of the conference.

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