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Resource centre facilitates capacity training for Lagos-based journalists


JOURNALISTS from across all media firms in Lagos State were treated to a full-day personal capacity development scholarship recently.
The life-enriching training was hosted and bankrolled by a resource centre, Purpose Power and Lifestyle Design (PPL) at its corporate head office, situated at 67B, Gold Drive, Raji Rasaki Housing Estate, Amuwo Odofin, near Festac Town.
Anchored by the Chief Inspiration Officer of the centre, Tunde Makun, the training which touched on every essential aspect of human endeavour, including family, personal health, career, corporate staff management, social relationships, intellectualism, wealth, spirituality and psychology among others, was worth at least a hundred thousand (N100,000) per beneficiary.
The life-enriching training tutored corporate organisations to evolve policies that would always encourage their personnel to put in their best into the company service in expectation of commensurate reward in terms of wages, recognition and promotion.
Employees were also admonished to always display high sense of loyalty and commitment in the discharge of their assigned duties in their organisations, reminding them that the same spirit with which individual employees worked for their employers would be transferred to their personal business whenever they disengaged from paid employment to start their own personal businesses.
The chief resource person, Makun, harped on the need for honesty, discipline, integrity and self-fulfilment in one’s career.
Makun, who also spoke on the principle of giving as a gate way to blessing, reminded participants that it remained an unchanging divine law that givers could never lack.
“Learn to give; as giving changes life. When you give, you receive, when you help people, you are appreciated, you are fulfilled.
“When you appreciate people, you make them do more.
“These are standard principles that have not changed since creation, but are always there to change life for the better if and when applied.
“Mind you, you cannot keep what you don’t give,” Makun philosophized.
He stated that the training was meant to repackage the sub-conscious part of humans; informing participants that only 5% of man was in the “conscious” while the remaining 95% was in the automation (programmed behaviours).
Hence, the trainer advocated the need for behavioural and attitudinal change and a total departure from programmed perception, belief and fear into a new adventure of life with open mind and the readiness to ask questions about one’s life.
The questions to ask, according to Makun, include, “where am I in life? Am I happy where I am? If not, why am I there? Where should I be and how would I get where I should be?”
This self-evaluation, according to the facilitator, is a must- do for anybody to discover to discover whether he or she is making progress so that should the answer be negative, one would be able to make necessary changes towards attaining desired goals in life.
He, therefore, enjoined participants to always open their minds to new knowledge which is additional empowerment to the recipient.
“As long as where you are is different from where you  want to be, there is a gap and the desire to fill the gap becomes an agenda setting intention that translates into purpose (goal).
“One’s focus on the set goal propels his efforts as he channels all activities towards attaining the purpose (goal) which, when achieved, becomes a transformation.
“The ultimate result is being able to do more in less time on purpose and with focus on living according to a desired lifestyle,” Makun exhorted.
He also explained that success could not be attained in isolation, because 85% of one’s success is usually tied to the quality of relationships one keeps; adding that there must always be crisis in life whereas crises is made up of obstacles and opportunity.
“In any crisis you find yourself, just be calm and vigilant enough to look out for and discover that there is an opportunity to tap into your breakthrough,” he tutored.
Rather than fighting an existing reality in attempt to effect a change, Makun enjoined participants to effect a desired change by building a new model that would render the existing model obsolete; a theory which Makun attributed to R.B. Fuller.
The trainer also encouraged the beneficiaries of the training to sell off the spirit of fear which he defined as the absence of courage and coined as false evidence appearing real.
“The antidote to fear,” according to Makun, “is inspired action and “the fearful cannot be faithful,” he propounded.
Another facilitator, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata (CFA), who featured in the second session, enjoined media practitioners to take advantage of the evolving social media tools like portals, sites and applications all which could be explored for easier and more effective ways of communicating with the rest of the world for better productivity and financial profitability.
According to Agbata, a media professional has the potential to develop relationships with diverse people all over the world.
“The public comment will give you a unique window into the minds of the people,” Agbata said.
The vision of the programme, according to Tunde Makun (TM), is to develop the leadership capacity of young Nigerians to positively transform the nation; thereby returning it to its pride of place in the comity of nations.
All beneficiaries of the highly enriching training including Nelson Ibemere and Kayode Ajiboye of Champion Newspapers, were awarded certificates of participation.

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