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Reconciliation: Ladoja, Akala to return to PDP… Party meets Oyo, Osun stakeholders


Indications that former governors of Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja and Alao Akala, have returned to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) manifested  on Wednesday as their representatives attended a meeting of party leaders with the national leadership of the party in Abuja.

Ladoja and Akala, after serving single terms each as governor of the state at different dispensations, defected to Accord Party (APC) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), respectively.

Representatives of the former governors participated in a meeting of PDP stakeholders in Oyo State and the national leadership of the party.

While Senator Femi Lanlehin was one of the representives of Rashidi Ladoja, Biodun Tajudeen Kareem was one of the representatives of Alao Akala.

Speaking at the meeting, the National Chairman of the party, Sen Ahmed Makarfi, who regretted that the party lost Oyo State, noted that nobody stands to gain when internal acrimony results in loss of election.

He further said: “We are not in politics to suffer but form government”, adding “PDP was the dominant party in the state but internal crisis caused us to lose election.”

While he added that everybody would have been accommodated if they had won the election, the chairman asked “What are we benefitting for losing election now? Nothing. So we have to draw a line.”

He assured them that an inclusive caretaker committee will be setup soon, he said “After non elective convention set up an inclusive caretaker committee and conduct proper congress.”

Makarfi who also met with party leaders from Osun State, urged them to close ranks and worked together to reclaim the state.

While he commended them for setting a record in forging a common front in the recent Osun West senatorial election, he urged them to sheathe their swords.

Reacting to conflicting Court judgments over party leadership in the state he said: “If you wait for the conflicting judgements to be settled, it will get to Supreme Court and it won’t guarantee victory. The problem is not as big as it is made to look like. All we need in our opinion is to resolve to accommodate and have a state committee that is inclusive.

“Short cuts in PDP won’t work anymore. It can be used against us when they see that we are winning. If giving you will not mean victory or harmony then it is of no use to anyone.

“We should look out for our common interest and clear the mess so that when we succeed at the polls, that success won’t be at the mercy of the tribunal to interprete it any way it likes.”

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