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President Buhari, three months after­ —What Nigerians say

General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), was sworn into office on May 29, 2015 as the President of Nigeria and quite normally, the burden of expectations from Nigerians on the President is still huge. But how has Buhari fared in his first three months ?
In a Vox Pop conducted by ANALUBA CHINONYE and OKAFOR OGECHUKWU, about 70per cent of Nigerians think that President Buhari is doing a good work and that his administration has continued to demonstrate a strong commitment to achieving its three points agenda. About 30per cent of respondent think the President is rather too slow in his style of governance: Excerpts

A respondent, Miss Somtochukwu Okibe a student, said:  “At  the beginning the country was apparently broke but after   two months in office,  things started to look up positively.   President Buhari is trying beyond my expectation. I think that his administration is better than his predecessor’s; former President Goodluck Jonathan.  On the three-point agenda of President Buhari,   I think the major problems we are facing here in Nigeria are insecurity and insurgency particularly, Boko haram’s incessant attacks which have killed many Nigerians and destroyed property. It is heart-warming that the President had ordered the nation’s armed forces to end insurgency in three months.
“We want the government to deal with these insurgents decisively and end their reign of terror.  On the fight against corruption, I want to say that it is public knowledge that the President Buhari detests corruption and am glad he is working towards it; removing corrupt public officers who corruptly enriched themselves at the expense of tax payers.”
Mr. Ikechukwu Ilodiba said President Buhari has a clear road map of what he wants to achieve as President of Africa’s most populous nation. His administration is tackling unemployment, insecurity and finally corruption, among others. It is a herculean task, no doubt .The impact of the programmes can not manifest over night. I urge Nigerians to be   patient with this administration. We will surely get to the Promised Land.
Anonymous:  It is good to probe the immediate past administration given the avalanche of allegations of corruption and looting of the treasury. But the President must not loose focus of his change agenda.  He should concentrate on re- building Nigeria’s economy and delivering the dividends of democracy. Government should create jobs for the army of unemployed people.  It must revamp dilapidated infrastructures, including road construction and repairs nation-wide and provision of pipe-borne water. Majority of Nigerians need affordable health care-delivery and government must make theses possible.
Responding, Mr. Uche Elekwachi a writer, said’’ I wouldn’t say he is too slow. Let us just wait and see what he will do within one year. I know that within one year, the administration of President Buhari   will do something about book haram insurgency.
Remember that Nigeria has once again, regained her leading position in the international community. Many countries of the world are now willing to to business with us. It was not the case in the immediate past. The tremendous goodwill Nigeria enjoys today is because of the personality of the President who is widely reputed as a man of integrity. He will surely take us to the” promised “land.
Arinze Uwaechina  does not think that the President is rather  slow. He said: “We are in democratic era and as such , every step he makes, must  be in accordance with the constitution.  Secondly, he requires setting up his own administration before he could start functioning well. So, I think he is only trying to be careful in appointing his cabinet in order to avoid the appointment of backstabbers as cabinet ministers.
Miss Okafor Ukamaka said’’ He (Buhari)  is slow. The  masses are expecting change from him but have  not seen any”.
Mr. Abel Ejikeme, a student, said : “He e is too slow and biased.  Too much talk about probe won’t help him; he should get down to work”
Miss Chikodili Onyekwelu,  a medical doctor said” I can’t say he is slow because this is just his second month in office, he needs time “after all Rome was not built in a day’’.
Chinedu Madueke said’’ as much as expectations are high, Buhari is not a magician.  There are measures that need to be put in place to fast track development and these measures do not come on  a platter.”
Chidozie Nduka said” Slow and steady wins the race. Actually, there is a lot of work to do and must be done differently from how it was done in the past.  I think that his first 100days gives a lot of hope and I give him 65 per cent for what he has been able to do so far.”

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