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Prayer can save Nigeria – Muoka

The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has said that prayer can save Nigeria from its present challenges.

He therefore advised the citizens to seek the face of God in repentance and prayer, stressing that that the current problems across the globe call for general repentance and complete trust in God as the only solution.
 Muoka gave the advice in Lagos during the two-day crusade of the church entitled, “..And the enemies submitted.”
Muoka also promised that he is organizing a crusade in the United States of America to lead people to salvation, noting, “By the special grace of God, we believe that God of Chosen will take over America; He will expose the light to the people and salvation will be theirs and they shall be blessed.”
According to him, “It is not only in Nigeria that we have problems; all that is happening now is geared towards the end time, but there is sucour at the hand of God and in a place like this (The Lord’s Chosen). If a nation repents before the rapture and they embrace Christ, God will cause a turnaround in the economy; they will enjoy miraculous economic boom.”
 He said the event became necessary considering what the common enemy of humanity was doing to inflict pains through numerous challenges and difficulties across the world.
He however assured Christians especially the partakers in the crusade that God has come to their rescue through the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church.
Muoka said, “God raised us up to help Christians among the suffering masses; to liberate them from suffering and bondage. The Lord gave us this message so that whosoever that comes in will be liberated because as we are here, there are testimonies; and just to announce to the world that Christ has defeated the devil on the cross of Calvary.
“He has given us the grace to stand against the devil and liberate humanity from suffering in the hands of the devil. By the grace of God, when you see what is happening, people have suffered for many years and all of them are going to churches, but immediately they encountered God, all of them were set free. This topic was given to us not just for the Nigerian people, but for the whole world. If we can have all Nigerians here today, Nigeria will be liberated from all kinds of suffering.”
 The preacher further said,”People are asking, ‘where is your God?’ There is God and He raised us up to ascertain that believers will come here and gain their freedom from the hold of the devil. It work is our aim that the entire nation will repent and give their life to Christ before.”
He also pleaded with leadership of the country to eschew evil and embrace God, stressing that if our leaders make prayer request as a sign of respect to God, he will do something to change their situation, as God is the only one that has the power to do all things.
The pastor stated that God allows certain problems in order draw the people to himself and save them from eternal damnation.
“God wants us to fear him with all humility, as He wants us to believe and receive, even if you don’t want to receive, you need to appreciate that God is alive and do not develop familiarity, because if you do that, you can miss Heaven. The only way you can have His grace is to appreciate it, but if you begin to question or show scorn at it, you won’t get anywhere. I want to let you know that God has solutions for Nigeria; whether now or before the coming of Christ, even in this church.”
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