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Poll predictions: How Ayodele got it right —IESC

The leadership of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church (IESC) has said that only God has the final say in fulfillment of prophecies.
The church argued that in prophetic utterances, no mortal can question God about his decision in the affairs of men.
IESC in a statement made available to Daily Champion stated that its Founder /Spiritual Head, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele was one of the few prophets and seers that captured the exact outcome of the 2015 presidential elections through his many predictions in the buildup to the poll.
The church said that while the majority of the prophets predicted victory for President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Primate Ayodele who is well-known for most of his accurate predictions in the past predicted a poor outing for the ruling party.
IESC in the statement highlighted some of the Primate Ayodele’s interviews which were published by Champion Newspapers prior to the general elections, where the popular seer predicted a gloomy future for the ruling party. It stated that the party would no longer be in charge of the central government after 2015. He also argued that Jonathan would be the last president of the ruling party.
The statement quoted some of Ayodele’s predictions on the election as published by both Daily Champion and Weekend Champion. For instance, on page 12 of Weekend Champion of June 16-17, 2012, Primate Ayodele stated emphatically that PDP would lose the presidential election.  “The governors will gang up against Jonathan and the PDP will lose the central government.”
Similarly, on page 43 of Daily Champion of February 29, 2012, Ayodele said, ‘I am not against Jonathan or his government but let him not contest in 2015. He should relax in order not to break the country. The way out for him is to conduct a credible election.”
Also on page 12 of Weekend Champion of December 29-30, 2012, Ayodele predicted that Jonathan would encounter some difficulties in the build up to the 2015 elections. “President Jonathan will not find it easy in the build up to the 2015 polls. If he insists on contesting, a strong candidate will come out to slug it out with his government and it will not be easy, PDP must be careful so that crisis will not break it in 2015. If Jonathan and former president Olusegun Obasanjo settles their differences, I don’t see them coming together again as friend.”
IESC also stated that similar prophecies were published in other national dailies where he stated, ‘I see a new government coming up in this country.  APC will fail in Delta, Rivers and Cross River. If APC embarks on aggressive grassroots campaign, the party will win presidential election in 2015, but if they rest on the past glory of Buhari, PDP will win. Vice Presidential ticket will be zoned to the South West.  President Jonathan will have problem winning the core northern states. President Jonathan will lose out.”
According to the church, prophecies are not meant to cause panic among the populace but avenue through which God speaks his mind to the people.
The statement warned that prophecies should not be seen as a way of seeking the praise of men but that the prophets should be more concerned about what God says and how to interpret the message to the people.

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