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Police raise alarm over impersonation of retired officers

AS the social media onslaught against the police image by fraudsters continues unabated, the Police Intelligence has uncovered yet another criminal  syndicatethat specializes in the impersonation of retired senior Police Officers to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.
According to a press statement from the Lagos Police Command Spokesman, DSP Ken Nwosu, the syndicate’s modus operandi is to send text messages to unsuspecting victims soliciting the phone numbers of prominent personalities claiming to be one retired Senior Police Officer or the other.
Their claims could range from retired Inspectors General of Police, Deputy Inspectors General of Police and so on. The latest from this syndicate is a text message through which they were soliciting numbers where they claimed to be retired IGP M.A.K Smith.
The general public is hereby warned to be wary of the antics of this syndicate and be properly guided in order not to fall victim to the scheming of this criminal gang.
In the run-in to the Christmas and New Year celebrations especially arising from desperation to make quick money, activities of this syndicate may not abate. While efforts are being made by our Operatives to track down and round up this criminal gang.
Nwosu advised Lagosians to be vigilant at all times and avail the Police of credible information and actionable intelligence that will lead to the arrest of this syndicate and help police the Statebetter, adding that a safe Lagos is in the best interest of all and sundry.

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