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Perfect shoes for the perfect look

Fashionable clothing is not the only way to achieve that perfect look. You are also required to get yourself the most stylish and stunning shoes so that your look is complete when you step out of your house.
Good shoes help to give your look and personality a new dimension.
We all know that shoes form an important part of ladies closet and hence purchasing different varieties of shoes for your closet is necessary
Your shoes should not only look good on you but also should be well coordinated with your clothes. A fashion conscious individual should be well aware of the fact how she can make her look perfect by choosing the matching shoes.
Wearing the right kind of footwear doesn’t only mean that it is of good quality but also because it looks pretty. This is the concept that fashionistas should adhere to.
Shoes can make the outfit or break it depending on how you choose to match it with your wears and how pretty and sophisticated it looks.
Women who are fashionistas understand that good footwear completes their day and when they see a pair that catches their attention, they won’t get over it until they purchase it for themselves. That’s how valuable a pair of pretty ladies shoes should be for women.
Today, women don’t just buy shoes just for the sake of protection for the feet; they also want to look good and feel really good to add up their self-esteem.
Don’t get me wrong though, this is never a bad thing. But it only shows how much of a demand for a pair of ladies shoes has been brought into a whole new level of thinking, making the manufacturers to  produce more to attend people’s need.
So if you want to get that perfect look, go for good shoes! There are no excuses to this.
If you are a confident and an independent woman then nothing should stop you from expressing your personal style. You should learn how to purchase your shoes.
A designer shoe is very good because it can last for years, although they are expensive. If you can afford them, go for them.
Wait a minute! You can afford them, it all depends on the shop you choose to buy them and when you want to buy them. Look for shop on Sales and get that desired pair of designer shoes.
A top quality pair of shoes will usually last you longer than other items in your closet. If they do break however, you can always take them to a shoe repairer and get them fixed up for a small price. So your designer shoes will last you a lot longer than you think.
Cheap ladies’ shoes on the other hand, may not last as long, just because of the way they were made. However, since they are so cheap you can just buy another pair if they spoil. So again you have to weigh your options, or just buy both, like I do.
Confidence is the key as always. Making a good impression is important in life and dressing with style and with the right shoes does matter. A pair of shoes can make you even more confident, happy, and beautiful, then you should wear them designers or not.
A closet full of beautiful shoes is a wonderful thing. Dress to impress. It is not a bad thing, is an important thing. Whether you wear shoes with a designer label or a cheap label is up to you. You can look classy in either shoe. So go for it!!
It all comes down to your confidence and happiness. Shoes are a great fashion accessory that can be the right finishing touch to your outfit or the focal point of your outfit,  my advice is  buy  a little bit of designers and ordinary( cheap) shoes and go on to rock your shoes with all the confidence and be the most glamorous one in the event.
Here are tips on what are the best shoes to select for any particular item of clothing.
Short Skirt
As short skirts already show a lot of leg, it’s usually best to avoid very high heels. A simple pair of sandals or pumps (covers heel and toe) with a medium heel can look great. If you really want to go for the high heels, then try an ankle boot as it reduces the amount of skin shown and also gives that sophisticated look.
Half Length Skirt
High heels shoes or boots work well here as they can elongate the legs. Avoid shoes that are too flat as it may result in making your legs look stumpy.
Maxi Length Skirt
Flat gladiator style sandals are a popular option with longer skirts or dresses as a heel is not usually required. If you do not feel this style of shoe suits you, try a higher platform style shoe but not too high as it will make the dress/skirt look shorter.
Trousers and dress
In general, the best match for a standard pair of trousers is a medium height heel. You can select any style of shoe – open toe, pump but try to avoid very flat shoes. If you really cannot wear a heel, then the best style to go for is a pump with a small heel.
African print/ wax
Generally, it depends on the style, if it is long flowing dress or skirt, go high heel, pump, peep-toe, wedge and peep-toe sandals and gladiators, depending on your choice and the style.
Make sure you rock your style with that gorgeous shoe out there, it is important!!

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