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Pastor with AIDS admits having sex with church members

The now former Baptist pastor, Juan Demetrius McFarland, confessed from the pulpit that he had slept with church members without revealing he had AIDS, Montgomery, Alabama, United States.
Baptist pastor, Juan Demetrius McFarland admitted to his congregation that he has AIDS and has slept with church members
Pastor McFarland revealed to worshipers at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church that he contracted HIV in 2003 and discovered in 2008 he had AIDS. After shocking announcement church members contacted local media and reported the story.
Later Pastor McFarland confirmed to the media that he used drugs and mishandled church funds. He concealed from the church that he had knowingly engaged in adultery in the church building with female members of the church while knowingly having AIDS.
One of the unnamed church members said, “I believe that he should be put on trial. Go to court and let the judge decide if he should go to jail or not.
We tend to sweep things under the rug, especially if they’re the leader. It’s like oh, no, please let’s not get this out but I think after this that they will have more discussions on HIV and AIDS.”

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